Avid Acutus Reference Turntable Reviewed

Published On: June 29, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Avid Acutus Reference Turntable Reviewed

Avid's top of the line turntable, the Actus, uses a 10 lb. platter, computer-designed suspension, hand-built motor, and an outboard specially designed power supply. With aesthetics that are beyond reproach, the Actus would look at home in even the most uber-expensive system.

Avid Acutus Reference Turntable Reviewed

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Vinyl has made a huge splash in the audiophile news lately. Many think the media is making a comeback, but for some of us, vinyl never went away. The sound of purely analog reproduction has a texture to it only the finest digital players can muster. Avid, a British company led by Conrad Mas, has been making turntables since 1995 and has developed one hell of a cult following, in England and in audiophile communities worldwide.

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The $19,995 Acutus Reference is the current top of Avid's line and is built to maximize every element of sound from your collection of vinyl. From its super-heavy 10 kilo platter to its unique computer-designed suspension, hand-built motor and ultra-accurate outboard power supply, it's a very serious turntable. The Acutus Reference elevates vinyl playback beyond what was previously considered possible, with powerful bass and smooth mids and highs. The table's aesthetics are beyond reproach as well. This is simply one of the finest-looking pieces of audio jewelry made, sure to provide both auditory and visual statements to any system it graces. The turntable comes with a large screw-down record clamp to enhance the interface between vinyl and platter.

High Points
• Heavy platter mass, coupled with a hand-built motor and specially designed power supply, ensures absolute accuracy in rotation for the best possible sonics for your vinyl.
• The unique computer-designed suspension allows the table to be easily leveled while maintain equal tension, maximizing the suspension without any drawbacks.
• This is simply one of the finest-looking turntables made and, thanks to recent changes in the global economy, it currently retails for $19,995, $5,000 less than only a year ago.

Low Points
• This is a large and heavy table that will require a solid platform. I recommend using something from AudiAV racks, as they make some of the most insanely built audio-performance furniture.
• The price is for the table only; you still will need to purchase a tone arm, cartridge and possibly a phono preamp, depending on your system configuration.

The Avid Acutus Reference is one of the finest turntables made today and has both sonics and aesthetics to die for. If you are a serious vinyl collector, you owe it to yourself to have a listen to this table if you ever get a chance. For many of us, this table will remain eye candy, but for the lucky few who have the system and bankroll to afford this lust-worthy set-up, there will be the rewards of some of the finest analog sound available.

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