Ayre Acoustics MX-R Monaural Power Amplifier Reviewed

Published On: November 23, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Ayre Acoustics MX-R Monaural Power Amplifier Reviewed

At 300 Watts-per-channel - the new Ayre Acoustics MX-R reference monoblock amps are truly an audiophile aspirational component. With American made quality and quick bass - audiophiles are easily sucked into the sound. To hear more about what Jim Swantko thought read the full review here.

Ayre Acoustics MX-R Monaural Power Amplifier Reviewed

By Author: Jim Swantko

A veteran of AVRev.com, Jim Swantko also wrote home theater and audiophile component reviews for HomeTheaterReview.com in the early days of the publication. His focus was on mid- to high-end audio brands like Mark Levinson, Classé, Noble Fidelity, Cary Audio, MartinLogan, and Paradigm.

Ayre-MX-R.gifAyre Acoustics are out with new reference monoblock amplifiers that are simply drop-dead gorgeous, competing in the upper echelon of audiophile amplifiers.  The $16,500 per pair MX-Rs do not look like your typical audiophile amplifiers.  First of all, they are much smaller than you might expect 300-watt badass amplifiers to be.  Secondly, upon close inspection of the gorgeous casework, you will notice that there are no seams to be found.  The entire chassis is beautifully machined from one piece of billet aluminum. How's that for rigidity?  The front panel has a single multi-function LED, which glows beautifully blue when operating and various other colors to indicate faults.  The rear of the unit is equally simple.  Beyond the AyreLink communication ports, all you will find are a power cord receptacle, an XLR input and the best binding post anywhere, made by Cardas. 

Internally, you will find the same attention to detail, once again taking advantage of the billet chassis to isolate the audio circuits from anything that may inject noise, most notably the transformers.  Yes, plural.  Each amplifier utilizes dual transformers in the linear power supply.  The audio circuit is fully balanced and uses zero feedback.  Leaving nothing to chance, Charles included their patented Ayre Conditioner AC power filtration circuitry to clean anything that may come from our wall sockets.  Rarely does the inside of a piece of electronics elicit words like "beautiful," but this one truly deserves it.

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As any Ayre customer can tell you, the company isn't in the business of making audio jewelry.  Their products are designed to perform first and look sexy second. Sonically, the first word which comes to mind with the sound of these new mono blocks from Ayre is "effortless."  Whether recreating intimate acoustic recordings or hammering away to thrash metal, they never seem break a sweat.  They have an uncanny ability to present the music in an open, revealing manner, never coming across as harsh or forced.  I found that my musical experience was much more dependent on how I listened, rather than how the MX-Rs presented. Typically, an amplifier is described as being either musical or detailed.  The designer is often forced to choose one path at the expense of the other, depending on how he looks at amp design.  The Ayre MX-R doesn't get stuck in these pigeonholes.  If I wanted a large, enveloping musical experience, I just needed to relax and take it all in.  If I wanted more details, it was up to me to listen for them and, like magic, there they were.  The MX-R provides the best of both worlds, which, at its lofty prices, you have every right to expect.

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High Points
• The MX-Rs are absolutely beautiful to listen to and/or behold.  They are understated and elegant, with an engaging, to-die-for sound:  clear, open, powerful and liquid.  Think of the first time you drove a car with HID headlights and you will get an idea of how the MX-Rs will change your perception of what an amplifier can do. It's an eye-opening experience.
• Build quality is off the charts, as you could literally drive over these monoblocks with your SUV and not worry about squishing them.

Low Points
• While this is a minor inconvenience that can be addressed by adaptors, some will be disappointed that the amplifiers don't provide single-ended inputs.
• Let's face it, some people really like massive amplifiers and think of them as an extension of themselves, well, maybe just an extension.  These amps, while not meek or timid, do not scream, "Hey, look at me" the way a 200-pound goliath does. If you need the physical statement more than an audio or musical statement, there are other amps for you in this price category.
• I can't decide which color looks better, silver or black, and I'm sure any buyer will have just as hard a time deciding.

This is the amplifier equivalent of someone who looks like Angelina Jolie without all the baggage or the bill for the Gulfstream G550 over to Africa to adopt more kids and/or save the world.  Beauty and brains rarely come together, but when they do, it's magical.  The Ayre MX-R monoblock amplifiers represent such a union.  They look so good that I'm sure they would sell even if they sounded horrible, but they are simply fantastic to hear.  This is one of those products designed for people who simply don't accept compromises and are willing to and capable of buying the very best.

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