Published On: November 26, 2010

Bang & Olufsen Unveils its First Docking Station

Published On: November 26, 2010

Bang & Olufsen Unveils its First Docking Station

Have you ever looked at your iPod or iPhone and thought if only it had a set of testicles on it, then it would be awesome. Well you're in luck for Bang & Olufsen, makers of some of the finest looking lifestyle products out there, have stepped up to the challenge and have given your beloved iProduct a pair with their new docking station.


Bang & Olufsen announces the launch of its first ever iPod/iPad/iPhone docking station. The BeoSound 8 features a two dimensional design and custom-made conical speakers and high-performance amplifiers. It is directly compatible with the iPad, without having to utilize any extra wires or adapters.

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BeoSound 8's design makes it flexible in use. It is suitable as a music system not only in a main room, but also in the kitchen, or on the patio. BeoSound 8 can be placed on a wall bracket or a flat surface. Additionally, it has a manual room adaptation switch with 3 positions (i.e. mounted on the wall, placed in a corner or freestanding on a flat surface) which allows it to be placed anywhere without compromising the sound performance, according to Bang & Olufsen. Furthermore, its sealed speaker cabinets, conical shaped speaker units, and digital amplifiers allow for a sonic range from lower bass tones (38 Hz) to higher frequencies (24,000 Hz).

The docking station offers one-step operation, as one can simply dock the device on the top of BeoSound 8 or connect it using the AUX line-in or USB ports. The docking station can be controlled on the iPod/iPhone/iPad from the BeoSound 8 bridge, by using the dedicated remote that comes with the product or you can control it with one of Bang & Olufsen's remote controls.

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BeoSound 8 can also integrate into a home wifi network using the Apple Airport Express, which allows one's music collection to be streamed wirelessly from any PC or Mac to to the dock.

Additionally, Bang & Olufsen will launch a free BeoPlayer application that will offer access to Net Radio and an alarm clock functionality. An upgraded application will also be made available for a $19.99 charge and will include over 10,000 internet radio stations, a music library browser, and an alarm clock feature that will offer the chime from the BeoTime alarm clock. This application will be available for download from iTunes by December.

BeoSound 8 will arrive in all North American Bang & Olufsen showrooms late November 2010. It retails for $999.00

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