Published On: December 17, 2008

BCS National Championship Game Coming In 3-D To Theaters

Published On: December 17, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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BCS National Championship Game Coming In 3-D To Theaters

The BSC still doesn't have a playoff system, but the two teams selected to compete for College Football's mythical national championship will be seen in 3-D. Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation will be broadcasting the game at theaters in 35 states via its proprietary CineLive satellite network using the Sensio 3-D format.

BCS National Championship Game Coming In 3-D To Theaters

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Even President-elect Barack Obama can not convince the BCS powers-that be- that they need a playoff however Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation has convinced the BCS that they should broadcast the so-called National Championship college football game in 3-D.

3-D, once viewed to be a gimmick, is gaining traction in the ultra-high-end world of digital cinema today and sports is one of the killer applications for the content. People now will be able to see a major football game with perspective never seen before. Many pundits think 3D will be a big part of the future of home theater including stereoscopic (meaning without glasses) 3-D broadcasts and Blu-ray content within a year of reality. Of course everyone will need a new HDTV but what else is new in the world of home theater? If a football game is that compelling in 3D millions will upgrade their HDTVs to get that much better of an entertainment experience.

The FedEx BCS National Championship Game will be played by the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma in theatres located in 35 states via its proprietary CineLive(TM) satellite network using the Sensio(R) 3-D Format. Earlier this month, Cinedigm, Turner Sports and the NBA announced a live 3-D broadcast of All-Star Saturday Night to multiplexes across the country. In addition to FOX Sports and Sony, top 3-D
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Tickets will be available as early as today and will be available online for most locations. Ticket prices are set by exhibitors but
are expected to range between $18 and $22. To find the nearest participating theatre, go to

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