Beale Street Audio Unveils Its Slimmest In-Wall Speakers Ever

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Beale-PB44.jpgAt the recent CEDIA Expo, Beale Street Audio showed off its slimmest in-wall speakers to date, measuring just 2.75 inches deep. The new "Pancake" P4-BB (shown here) is a round model with a four-inch Carbon Fiber woofer and 0.75-inch Titanium tweeter, while the IPLCR4-BB is a rectangular LCR speaker with dual four-inch Carbon Fiber woofers and one 0.75-inch Titanium tweeter. Both models uses Beale Street's Sonic Vortex design to help improve bass, dispersion, and clarity, and both feature a magnetic edgeless grille.

From Beale Street Audio
Beale Street Audio is raising the bar of architectural audio expectations once again with the unveiling of its super-slim, two-way in-ceiling/in-wall, full range "Pancake" speakers that measures only two and three quarter inches deep. Ideal for the European market and in cities or other places where ceiling or wall depth can present installation challenges, the Pancake is easy to install and benefits from Beale Street Audio's performance enhancing Sonic Vortex Technology.

Currently, two models in this series will be available with more planned for the future. The P4-BB is an in-ceiling/in-wall ultra-thin speaker that features a four-inch two-way Carbon Fiber woofer and three-quarter-inch Titanium tweeter. The IPLCR4-BB is an LCR speaker that features two four-inch Carbon Fiber woofers and a three-quarter-inch Titanium tweeter.

The benefits afforded by Sonic Vortex technology are the real magic behind Beale's new Pancake speaker. Sonic Vortex generates rich, deep bass and effortless clarity from what most people would call a 'back box'. In reality, the enclosure is actually a compact, integrated, tuned cabinet that offers a 'twist' on Ported Transmission Line design by optimizing air movement to produce much bigger sound than the 2 ¾-inch depth leads you to believe. The enclosure also keeps sound from bleeding to other rooms while adding a six to nine dB boost in mid-lower bass.

"Beale is a solutions-driven company, which is why we set out to develop an extremely slim architectural speaker, without sacrificing sound quality," said Mark Cichowski, executive director, Beale Street Audio. "Throughout Europe and many metropolitan areas, the four to eight inches required for most in-wall and in-ceiling speaker installations is simply not feasible, so we designed the Pancake to fit within the confines of nearly any wall space."

The speakers are designed to play in full-range mode only and achieve an impressive frequency response of 62 Hz to 20 KHz. The sealed enclosure requires no additional backbox for bracing and assures consistent performance in stereo and multi-channel systems by removing the potentially adverse effects of uneven wall and ceiling cavities.

Across the entire line, Beale Street Audio speakers and subwoofers are highly scalable. Infinite variable designs for both cabinet air volume and port dimensions allows for flexible industrial design options. The depth and width of the integrated enclosure can vary based on the models, while still providing enhanced bass and better overall performance compared to similar products.

Models BXP401 and BXPLCR401 are similar versions of the Beale Street Audio speakers and available through the Xpress line of products that are sold via the distribution channel.

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