Published On: December 13, 2010

Benchmark Introduces 16-Channel ADC: the ADC16

Published On: December 13, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Benchmark Introduces 16-Channel ADC: the ADC16

Format conversion can be a pain for anybody, pro or consumer. Benchmark is aiming to make the process easier for recording studios by bringing forth their new ADC16, a sixteen-channel analog to video converter that is compatible with Pro Tools 9.

Benchmark Introduces 16-Channel ADC: the ADC16

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The ADC16 is Benchmark's new 16-channel analog to digital converter for recording studios. The ADC16 features an optional card-slot for a computer interface, making it directly compatible with Pro Tools 9. The ADC16 also features Benchmark's latest clock technology, UltraLockDDS£, as well as 9-segment dual-range metering with peak-hold.

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The ADC16 utilizes the same analog and digital topology found in Benchmark's ADC1 - a 2-channel ADC.


The ADC16 is the first Benchmark product to utilize their new clocking technology, UltraLockDDS£, the successor to UltraLock£. The newer technology utilizes 'direct digital synthesis' technology, which is used in low-jitter, high-frequency RF data communication.

The introduction of the ADC16 coincides with Avid's announcement that their latest Pro Tools software can work with third-party hardware. Since the ADC16 can be equipped with a computer interface through firewire or USB, a Pro Tools user won't need any additional hardware to record into Pro Tools. The ADC16 can also interface directly with Logic, Nuendo, and Cubase.

As an additional feature, the ADC16 can operate as a bi-directional computer interface when used with the optional card. This means that the user can assign tracks within the audio editing software to be sent to the digital outputs on the ADC16 (which include 8 balanced AES, 8 coaxial, and 8 optical). So, for example, eight independent stereo headphone mixes can be made in the software and sent from the ADC16's digital outputs to eight DAC1's for independent headphone monitoring.

Benchmark will ship the first units in January, 2010, for $3995.00 USD. The optional computer interface card will be $500.

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