Published On: September 2, 2012

Benchmark Reduces Prices on DAC1 Products

Published On: September 2, 2012

Benchmark Reduces Prices on DAC1 Products

Benchmark Media Systems continues to look out for the consumer. The company has lowered the price for all of the DAC1 models in the company's product offerings, making them almost completely irresistible.

benchmark-dac1-hdr-pair-small.jpgBenchmark Media Systems, designers of the award-winning DAC1 audio digital-to-analog converters, announced new pricing on select DAC1 models.

DAC1 HDR - $1595 (Originally $1895)

DAC1 PRE - $1395 (Originally $1595)

DAC1 USB - $1195 (Originally $1295)

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"With the tremendous success of the DAC1 we are able to reduce the price of our most popular models while continuing to carry the "Made in USA" banner. The only change is the price," said Rory Rall, Benchmark Sales Manager.

John Siau, Benchmark V.P. added, "We never compromise on performance, or on build quality. As our name implies, we are committed to setting audio performance 'benchmarks' in order to accurately reproduce the detail and emotion of music. Benchmark DAC1 converters have become the reference standard in many of the finest recording studios, but are also enjoyed in the homes of serious music lovers worldwide. We hope that our new pricing will make our products accessible to an even broader range of music enthusiasts."

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