Published On: May 26, 2012

BenQ Brings VA LED Performance With New GW Series Monitors

Published On: May 26, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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BenQ Brings VA LED Performance With New GW Series Monitors

BenQ has releases several new LED screens that offer a lot of promises to the consumers in terms of color and performance. This is the BenQ GW series of LED monitors for the home and office.

BenQ Brings VA LED Performance With New GW Series Monitors

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BenQ_GW2750HM_LED_Monitor.jpgBenQ just announced that its new GW Series of VA LED monitors, bringing VA LED visual sophistication to the home and office. Featuring three models with a variety of sizes and connectivity options, monitors in the GW series boast a 5,000:1 ultra-high native contrast ratio, 8-bit color performance, wide-angle viewing, and LED backlighting.

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The GW series includes the GW2250, GW2450, and GW2750HM VA LED monitors. All GW series panels feature D-Sub and DVI-D connectors and are offered in 21.5-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch widescreen sizes respectively. Additionally, the GW2750HM is equipped with line-in connectors and headphone jacks, and is further bolstered with HDMI connections. To complete the A/V experience without the hassle of connecting to additional audio devices, the GW2750HM adds built-in 2W speakers.

Monitors in the GW Series offer a 5,000:1 ultra-high native contrast ratio, which is five times that of general panels. Offering true 8-bit color performance, the VA monitors render a total of 16.7 million color shades to deliver reportedly smoother and more stable transitions from one color to the next.

In addition, VA monitors offer an ultra-wide viewing angle of allegedly 178 degrees/178 degrees, allowing for sharper details, higher contrast, and authentic colors to be viewed and shared by everyone from left, right, above, and below. The GW panels' LED backlighting provides lower power consumption than conventional CCFL monitors, while operation in Eco Mode provides even more energy savings.

The GW Series monitors are available now at an MSRP of $219 for the GW2250, $249 for the GW2450, and $419 for the GW2750HM.

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