BenQ HT6050 DLP Projector Reviewed

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BenQ HT6050 DLP Projector Reviewed

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Here are the measurements for the BenQ HT6050, created using CalMAN software by Spectracal. Click on each photo to view the chart in a larger window.


The top charts show the TV's color balance, gamma, and total gray-scale Delta Error, below and after calibration. Ideally, the red, green, and blue lines will be as close together as possible to reflect an even color balance. We currently use a gamma target of 2.2 for HDTVs and 2.4 for projectors.

The bottom chart shows where the six color points fall on the Rec 709 triangle, as well as the luminance (brightness) error and total Delta Error for each color point. For both gray scale and color, a Delta Error under 10 is considered tolerable, under five is considered good, and under three is considered imperceptible to the human eye. For more information on our measurement process, check out How We Evaluate and Measure HDTVs.

The Downside
From a connectivity standpoint, there is one notable omission from the HT6050: It will not accept a 4K input signal, nor does it support HDR playback. But it's a 1080p projector, so who cares, right? Maybe you don't. However, if you check out the similarly priced competitors down in the Comparison & Competition section, you'll find other 1080p models that do support 4K input and use pixel-shifting to simulate a 4K image, so I need to mention it.

My other complaints with the BenQ HT6050 are ergonomic in nature. The fan noise is louder than average in the brighter lamp mode. The projector is sluggish in responding to commands from the IR remote, and it's also slow to switch between resolutions. Every time my Oppo player (which is set to Source Direct output) would change resolutions, the picture would go blank for a few seconds, then flash on and off once before locking on to the new resolution. If you're feeding the HT6050 a single resolution from your Blu-ray player or set-top box, this won't be a concern.

Comparison and Competition
With an MSRP of $3,799, the BenQ HT6050 is positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum in the general 1080p marketplace. I compared it directly with the Epson Home Cinema 5020UB, which is several years old. The newest versions of that line are the Pro Cinema 6040UB ($3,999) and the Home Cinema 5040UB ($2,999). These projectors accept a 4K input signal, feature pixel-shifting 4K Enhancement technology, and support HDR playback--which makes them more future-proof than the BenQ.

Likewise, JVC's DLA-X550R ($3,995.95) is a 1080p D-ILA projector that features the company's e-shift technology to simulate a 4K image, and it supports HDR playback.�

Sony's VPL-HW65ES is a straightforward 1080p SXRD projector, with no support for 4K, priced at $3,999.

The HT6050 is a strong flagship offering from BenQ. Its combination of rich, accurate color, excellent detail, and great overall contrast makes for a very enjoyable viewing experience, both for movie night and casual TV watching. Those who desire the deepest black level for a dedicated theater room might find better options at this price point, but the HT6050 is a good all-around performer with a nice level of setup flexibility, thanks to its multiple lens options. It faces stiff competition at its price point from some 4K-friendly offerings; however, if great-looking 1080p is all you crave, then the HT6050 won't disappoint.

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