Published On: May 22, 2024

BenQ W5800: A New High-End 4K Laser Projector for Home Theaters

Published On: May 22, 2024
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BenQ W5800: A New High-End 4K Laser Projector for Home Theaters

The new BenQ W5800 promises to deliver an unparalleled cinematic experience with its advanced 4K and HDR capabilities.

BenQ W5800: A New High-End 4K Laser Projector for Home Theaters

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As we previously reported last month, and now it is confirmed that BenQ has officially launched its latest projector and addition to the CinePrime series, the BenQ W5800. This new 4K Laser DLP projector is aimed squarely at home theater enthusiasts, offering a range of advanced features designed to deliver a high-quality cinematic experience. Priced at $5,999, the W5800 represents BenQ’s most ambitious home theater projector to date.

The BenQ W5800 is marketed as a true 4K UHD projector, though it achieves this resolution through a technique known as pixel-shifting. The projector uses a .47-inch 1080p Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip from Texas Instruments. 

This chip, containing 2.1 million pixels, shifts the pixels both vertically and horizontally at a rate of 240Hz. This rapid movement allows the projector to display the 8.3 million pixels required for a 4K image. Despite this method, the Consumer Technology Association in the US recognizes the W5800’s output as true 4K UHD.

BenQ W5800 light engine.

In terms of high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, the W5800 goes beyond standard HDR support by incorporating HDR10+, which includes dynamic metadata for optimizing each frame of HDR video. It also supports the more common HDR10 and HLG formats. The projector’s HDR Tone Mapping system adjusts contrast and detail dynamically to match the projector's capabilities, enhancing the viewing experience.

The BenQ W5800 features a peak brightness of 2,600 ANSI lumens, which is sufficient for projecting images up to 200 inches. This level of brightness strikes a balance between delivering vibrant, punchy images and maintaining good black levels and contrast in a darkened home theater environment. The projector is equipped with BenQ’s Local Contrast Enhancer algorithm, which divides images into over a thousand zones to optimize contrast and detail.

Color accuracy is another strong point of the W5800. It covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space, a standard used in digital cinema, ensuring that colors are reproduced faithfully. The projector also offers factory calibration, providing users with a calibration report that certifies adherence to the Rec. 709 and DCI-P3 standards with a Delta E level of less than 2 for accurate color reproduction.

Front view of the BenQ W5800 projector.

Setting up the W5800 is made easier with a range of advanced features. The projector includes a 1.6x motorized zoom and a 2D lens shift function, allowing for flexible installation options. Vertical and horizontal lens shift capabilities enable precise image alignment without resorting to keystone correction, which can distort the image. However, keystone correction is available if needed.

The W5800 does not include Lens Memory, meaning users must manually adjust the aspect ratio and image height for different content. Despite this, the projector's setup features make it suitable for various room sizes and configurations.

As a dedicated home theater projector, the W5800 lacks built-in speakers, assuming users will connect it to an external audio system. For this purpose, it includes HDMI-eARC and Digital Optical (S/PDIF) outputs, facilitating the connection to soundbars or AV receivers.

Rear view of the BenQ W5800 projector showing input and connectivity options.

For all the cinephiles out there, the W5800 includes Filmmaker Mode, which supports 24p playback to maintain the original frame rate of films without introducing judder. This mode aims to preserve the director's intended vision by minimizing post-processing effects.

The projector also employs Dynamic Black Technology, which dynamically adjusts the laser light output based on the content being displayed. This enhances contrast, making both bright and dark scenes more impactful and vivid. Combined with the HDR-Pro engine, this feature significantly improves the overall viewing experience by increasing the dynamic range of HDR content.

The BenQ W5800 is available for order in the US for $5,999 at the company's official website, and should soon be available through various retailers, such as ProjectorScreen.

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