Published On: October 14, 2020

BenQ's New Android TV Projectors Combine Quality and Versatility

Published On: October 14, 2020
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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BenQ's New Android TV Projectors Combine Quality and Versatility

The 4K UHD HT3550i and TK850i, as well as the 1080p HDR TH685i, all provide multi-platform wireless projection via Google Chromecast and Airplay, and can stream Google Play content

BenQ's New Android TV Projectors Combine Quality and Versatility

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BenQ's new line of Android TV-powered projectors streamline smart home entertainment. The HT3550i, TK850i, and TH685i all provide users access to Google Play's content library, as well as multi-platform wireless projection from Android and iOS devices via Chromecast or Airplay. The 4K HT3550i is geared toward cinephiles with multiple modes to accommodate different content, whereas the 4K TK850i is geared toward action-lovers. with a motion enhancement feature and dedicated Sports Mode. The 1080p HDR TH685i gaming projector is compatible with the popular current and next-gen gaming systems and offers the same streaming capabilities as the other ATV series projectors. BenQ's projectors also include access to the FamiLand app, which provides parental control settings for YouTube and other streaming content.

Available now, the HT3550i and TK850i both retail for $1,799, while the TH685i retails for $899.

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More information about BenQ's new release below:

BenQ, a global leader in display technology and solutions, proudly announces the launch of its new line of smart home projectors powered by Android TV. These 4K and 1080P HDR projectors provide any home with access to movies, shows, sporting events, music, and games found on Google Play. The projectors also feature multi-platform wireless projection from Android and iOS devices, exclusive child-friendly content, and hands-free operation for the best Android TV experience.

Family entertainment will never be the same. With one button, BenQ's smart home projectors offer wireless access to all the great content on Google Play, providing trending television, films, sporting events, and games, and photos. With unified remote control, users can also control Android TV and BenQ's projector at the same time.

Famed for its displays, BenQ delivers with its CinematicColor expertise as well as the premium 2000lm to 3000lm brightness on these projectors, making these projectors the perfect fit for well-lit rooms, as well as dim screening rooms. Users can also cast directly from personal mobile devices with Airplay or Chromecast for big screen entertainment wherever they are. These well-crafted and easy-to-use projectors are a great addition or upgrade to any home entertainment center.

BenQ's HT3550i, TK850i and TH685i are designed to serve various user needs and enhance viewing experiences. The HT3550i provides True 4K imagery for movies creating a cinematic, theater-like experience.  For bingewatchers and sports lovers, the TK850i is engineered for optimal viewing in brightly lit environments and puts viewers right in the action with its dedicated sports mode. The TH685i is a high-brightness 1080p HDR gaming projector fit for multiple forms of entertainment including console and app gaming in addition to streaming content. It is compatible with XBOX, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Designed to offer kid-friendly content, BenQ smart home projectors include the exclusive FamiLand app to provide parent-approved YouTube content for children. Parental Control manages the screen time and also helps create their own playlist from available content.

"We are thrilled to now offer three new projectors for ultimate home entertainment and streaming that is powered by Android TV," said Houston Wei, senior director of BenQ America Corp. "With impeccable color performance, high brightness and hassle-free operation, families can enjoy the best Android TV experience and their favorite types of entertainment." 

The HT3550i and TK850i retail for $1,799, while the TH685i retails for $899. Throughout October, the projectors will be available for purchase on Starting in November, the projectors will also be sold on Amazon, BestBuy, B&H, and Projector People.

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