Published On: January 17, 2022

Best 4K TV of the Year: 85" Samsung QN90A Neo QLED

Published On: January 17, 2022
Last Updated on: January 19, 2022
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Best 4K TV of the Year: 85" Samsung QN90A Neo QLED

The pinnacle of price/performance ratio in big-screen premium TVs is the 85" QN90A Neo QLED from Samsung.

Best 4K TV of the Year: 85" Samsung QN90A Neo QLED

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Of all the TVs released in 2021, the one that most impresses me is Samsung's 85 inch QN90A. The reason is simple, you can buy one for $3799.99 direct from Samsung right now, which is an astonishing price for a TV this size, considering the quality of picture that is capable of creating. This is a Neo QLED, meeting it utilizes a sophisticated mini LED FLAD backlight along with quantum dots to render brilliant color with high contrast that makes SDR and HDR content look fantastic.

This Samsung is the highest performance 4K offering from the company and the second largest in the series. If you have $15,000 to spare, there is a 98-inch version to consider. But that price only serves to highlight the value proposition of the 85-inch model, which is not much smaller in size but so dramatically smaller in price.

The great thing about the 85" QN90A is how well it handles different types of lighting as well as different types of content. It has a fantastic antireflective layer on the screen that works with the high brightness of the Neo QLED to make it an excellent choice for bright rooms, far better than OLED. But when you turn out the lights, you will not be disappointed with what you see, like with some LED-lit LCDs. The Neo-LED FALD backlight array ensures contrast it can do justice to HDR content, and you can easily set up the TV for optimal picture quality in a home theater-like, darkened room setting.

The other awesome thing about this TV is how great it is for gaming. It features a 120 Hz panel and supports VRR (variable refresh rate) as well as ALLM (auto low latency mode). This, along with 4K HDR support, means you can get the most out of the latest generation gaming consoles and also push a gaming PC to its limits. While Samsung also makes 8K TVs that support these gaming features, there is a sizable premium to be paid, With the QN900A selling for $5499.99 direct from Samsung. Come to think of it, that's a pretty killer price, too and if you've got the 8K itch, it;s Ok to scratch it if you have the extra dough to spare. I'm not saying don't get the 8K QN900A if that's where you want to invest, I;m only suggesting this is an amazing TV as well, and for many uses, just as good.

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The pinnacle of price/performance ratio in big-screen premium TVs is the 85" QN90A Neo QLED from Samsung. 94543a97 image
The Samsung 85" QN90A

  • Daniel Brown
    2022-07-16 15:12:48

    Here it is six months later and I got this for $2299! Just INSANE value! Yes, mine has like three finger swipe on the internal of the panel, but the rest has very little DSE, so I'm keeping it, just fantastic picture and with over 1300 dimming zones in this 85", bloom is controlled very nicely!

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