Published On: December 31, 2021

Best Home Theater Projector of the Year: JVC DLA-NZ9

Published On: December 31, 2021
Last Updated on: January 11, 2022
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Best Home Theater Projector of the Year: JVC DLA-NZ9

For small and medium-size dedicated home theaters, no company has mastered native contrast like JVC. Shut off the lights and experience the ultimate home theater picture quality.

Best Home Theater Projector of the Year: JVC DLA-NZ9

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Movie lovers who choose to go with a dedicated home theater have absolute control over ambient lighting. When this is the case, contrast reigns supreme, and no consumer projector brand does native contrast better than JVC. The JVC DLA-NZ9 is a flagship-class product that delivers a world-class viewing experience. What this means is you get super-deep blacks that add dimensionality to an image, not unlike an OLED TV.

The BLU-Escent laser light source DLA-NZ9 has an astonishing native contrast ratio of 100,000 to 1. It is also able to output 3000 lm, and it is the combination of the high brightness in the deeper blacks that allow it to deftly handle HDR, despite the limitations of projection.

This is a native 4K three-chip projector that utilizes four-phase 8K E-shift technology, allowing it to render detail above and beyond what 4K offers when you feed it 8K source material. And it'll also handle 4K/120 Hz for fast and fluid home theater gaming.

Amazing contrast is the headline feature, but this impressive projector has a lot more going for it then just that. Carefully tuned dynamic HDR tone mapping ensures optimal brightness when watching HDR10 content, and it also supports HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping.

This projector has an automatic calibration function with the built-in optical sensor and is able to adjust color balance gamma color space and color tracking on its own. It also has ISF C3 certified calibration controls mode which allows it to be hyper tuned for optimal performance within a specific environment, such as your dedicated home theater.

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Product Photo DLA-NZ9 angled view (right)

  • Anonymous
    2022-01-18 21:34:49

    If Sony can sell one of the best OLEDs, an A90J 83" for $6000 on sale, $25k for the JVC NZ9/RS4100 sounds excessive. Some long throw projector costs are moving in the wrong direction compared to practically all other HT alternatives. :(

  • Pinea
    2022-01-02 13:21:56

    For 25000$ I can buy a good car and drive to the cinema for 10 years every weekend and still I'll have money left to but a decent projector, go holiday and give some money for those in need.

  • Jason
    2022-01-01 11:35:12

    25k, really

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