Published On: June 2, 2022

Best 4K TVs for Living Rooms 2023


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Published On: June 2, 2022

Best 4K TVs for Living Rooms 2023

Transform your living room into an entertainment hub with a new 4K smart TV

Choosing a TV for a living room or family room is a major decision. While 65" is the most popular size of new TV in the U.S., recent reductions in prices for larger screens make 75" a viable option. A 75" screen size offers immersive viewing for the living room and lets you see the detail found in 4K.

These are the TVs that get used day and night, for all different kinds of entertainment. From movies to news, sports, and documentaries, video games, sharing photos and videos from phones, and even as a hub for a smart home. This is why want to make sure a living room TV is up to the task.

Best Overall

Samsung 85" QN90B Neo QLED

Samsung's top-performing 4K QLED offering is a powerhouse smart TV that delivers pristine, compelling, vibrant imagery thanks to the potent combination of quantum dot color, mini-LED FALD backlight, and 14-bit processing that fully leverages the capabilities of the hardware. It is a state-of-the-art display that delivers a cinematic experience and is destined to be the center of attention.


• Excellent picture quality
• Many gamer-friendly features
• Looks great in a bright or dark room


• Lacks support for Dolby Vision

This is a TV equally at home showing a football game in the middle of the day in a brightly lit room, or the latest sci-fi space adventure with all the lights out. How? This Neo QLED TV uses mini LED FALD backlighting, which gives it the power to outshine OLED TVs, but also the control to make use of that power for brilliant HDR when the lights are low.

Best for Movies

LG 77" G2 OLED Evo

The 77" G2 OLED from LG is a work of industrial art. It's impossibly thin, and the picture it produces is jaw-droppingly stunning thanks to self-emissive pixels that achieve true black. This is LG's brightest OLED series ever and when you dim the lights it is able to deliver a viewing experience with qualities even a movie theater cannot match.


• High contrast and deep black levels
• Wide viewing angles
• Mounts flush to the wall


• Needs controlled lighting to look its best

LG pushed the limits of OLED with the new G2, a flagship-class TV that's got too many features to list. But what we can tell you is that this is LG's best-performing OLED ever, and that when its brightness capabilities were demonstrated the difference was obvious to the naked eye.

Best Design

Samsung 75" The Frame QLED

The Frame is unlike any other TV. It is explicitly designed to double as a way to show off artwork when it is not playing live TV, movies, video games, and other types of video. Instead of being a big blank spot on the wall, The Frame displays art in an uncanny realistic fashion.


• Vanquishes room reflections
• Looks like art hanging on a wall
• Interchangeable bezels


• Modest HDR performance

The Frame is a runaway success for Samsung. And when you see it, it's easy to understand why. Yes, this is a TV, but you wouldn't necessarily know it unless it was showing a video. An ordinary television would just be a gray rectangle on the wall when turned off, but The Frame is instead able to display art, as if a framed print, and do it convincingly.

The screen surface on the 2022 model is a new matte texture that is the most effective anti-reflective coating we have seen on a TV, and it has the benefit of making the screen look like fine art paper which enhances the illusion that you are looking at a print, not a screen.


Sony 75" X95K Mini LED

Sony's first mini-LED FALD TV series offers image quality that is pure, signature Sony. Bold, deep, vivid, but also accurate. Faithful. It uses Backlight Master Drive to illuminate its 4K pixels with precision, the result looks a lot like what you see on a mastering display. Sony is in the movie business and its knowledge of what makes a great picture is readily apparent in this excellent TV.


• Faithfully reproduces content
• Each mini LED is individually controlled
• Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, Netflix Calibrated


• Only 2 full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 inputs

This TV marks the return of the Backlight Master Drive, which is exciting news for video geeks. With this arrangement, the mini LEDs that form the full-array local dimming (FALD) backlight are individually controlled, rather than being controlled in clusters, or "zones" in FALD parlance. The result is thousands of zones and finer control over the local dimming than you get with typical mini LED-backlit TVs.

It's also worth noting that the word "Master" in Backlight Master Drive refers to the mastering monitors Sony (and others) manufacture for the film and TV industry. This TV is quite literally designed to bring you as close as possible to seeing what the content creators saw when they mastered whatever it is your watch on this amazing TV.

Also, like other premium 2022 Sony TVs, this model has special features that work exclusively with the PlayStation 5 including custom tone mapping, which directly relates to this TV's impressive HDR handling.

Best Picture Quality

Samsung 65" S95B Quantum Dot OLED

While they are currently limited to 55" and 65" screen sizes, the new Quantum Dot OLED from Samsung is a remarkable TV. It has the richest colors and the widest viewing angles you can get in an OLED. Plus, it's a Samsung, so you get the company's slick smart OS. This TV even has Dolby Atmos sound built-in and works synergistically with Samsung soundbars using Q-Symphony.


• Unrivaled picture quality, even for an OLED
• Ultra-slim profile
• Advanced picture processing


• Only available in 55" and 65" sizes

Although the pricing on this TV is premium, especially for a 65-inch model, what you are getting is true state-of-the-art display technology. Quantum Dot OLED is able to achieve full brightness using only RGB pixels, the result is intense colors that go beyond the range covered by conventional OLED and QLED TVs. Once you see the rich colors created by QD OLED, it's easy to understand why this is such an exciting next-generation TV technology.

Another advantage of QD OLED is in viewing angles. OLED was already great but had visible color shifts and brightness loss. This next-generation OLED maintains its picture quality even when viewed from an extreme off angle. It is a real leap forward in this regard.

Best Affordable Option

TCL - 75" Class 6-Series 4K UHD Mini-LED QLED Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV - 75R635

When you're looking for a whole lot of TV for not a lot of money, the TCL 6-Series is a well-established go-to option. Here, you get the latest display technology featuring mini-LED QLED for bright and vivid HDR. Plus it's a Roku TV so it's simple to operate and offers a ton of content via streaming.


State-of-the-art mini-LED QLED
Supports Dolby Vision
120 Hz refresh rate panel


Does not have HDMI 2.1

Unquestionably a great value, this TV leaves little on the table feature-wise. While it does not reach the same performance heights as a Samsung QLED, it comes close enough to justify the savings. When you want 75 inches and maximum bang for the buck, a TCL 6 Series TV delivers the goods.


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