Published On: October 23, 2021

Best Roku Streaming Device - Budget, Wireless, and Premium Options

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Published On: October 23, 2021

Best Roku Streaming Device - Budget, Wireless, and Premium Options

Roku's sticks and players come in a variety of choices. In this list, we help you choose the best Roku streaming device for your setup.

Roku is a top manufacturer of streaming devices, due to its accessible price, huge content selection, and simple user interface. You can add a Roku to just about any HD or UHD TV with an HDMI input and start streaming right away.

Roku's sticks and players come in a variety of prices and capabilities ranging from super basic, entry-level "HDMI sticks" to the Streambar, a Roku-branded soundbar that has the player built-in.

How do you know which one is right for you? By considering what you want out of a streaming device and choosing the model that offers that will deliver the experience you seek. All the streamers here are 4K, so that's not a question. For example, do you want a voice search? Again all the streamers here have that feature! How about a headphone jack built into the remote? For that, look to the Roku Ultra.

So, why choose Roku as your streaming platform of choice? Because it is extremely easy to navigate, it "just works" and you get pretty much every steaming app you can imagine. The remote control is ergonomic and easy to use, and with a Roku account setting up multiple devices is easy. So, if you want all of your TVs consolidated into one platform, it's well worth considering going with Roku as that platform.

This list will help you choose the best Roku streaming device for your TV or home theater system.

Product Overview – Best Roku Streaming Device

With so many different Roku streaming products, and new ones added every year (or close to it), it can be challenging to keep track of the differences. We've done the work for you and will be reviewing the top options below: 

Best Roku Streaming Device

Best Overall Value

Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku’s flagship device remains our top choice

Based on Roku's classic design, its flagship streaming stick has been upgraded to become quite the capable device. We're still a fan of its HDMI plug and play design, with no worries about wireless connectivity or interference (although it is wi-fi enabled to support multiple devices). It supports 4K, HD, and HDR and optimizes for all screens. It's the easiest way to hop on Roku's platform, and the added features mean it's still the best streaming stick in this company's arsenal.

What We Like:

  • Great controls with the included remote and built-in voice control.
  • Multiple device support with built-in wi-fi.

Best Value

Roku Express 4K+

Roku’s top-selling wireless device includes 4K and HDR

Roku Express is Roku's wireless offering and features dual-band wireless for faster connections and faster streaming between multiple devices. Feature-wise, it's incredibly similar to the Streaming Stick+ and has the same resolutions (4K, HDR, 1080p). Due to these similarities, your choice between this and the Streaming Stick+ will mainly depend on which design you like best.

What We Like:

  • Plenty of control options with an included voice remote.
  • Easy setup with the option to plug and play via an HDMI cable.

Best Budget

Roku Express HD

A basic Roku device at a bargain price point

The Express HD is a simple Roku streaming device that will meet your needs if you have an older TV. It only supports HD resolution, which is fine if that's all your TV can handle. There are other slight downgrades, including a downgraded Roku remote without voice control and with less range. But it's loaded with the Roku platform, giving you access to the same streaming apps, and the price is right.

What We Like:

  • Affordable option if you don't have a modern TV.


Roku continues to diversify its product line, giving you more choice but also making your decision more complicated. Each device has something unique to offer. Use this review guide to narrow down your options.


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