Published On: January 20, 2023

Best TV Recliners 2023 – Guide & Reviews


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Published On: January 20, 2023

Best TV Recliners 2023 – Guide & Reviews

If you're looking for the best TV recliner, look no further. We've got multiple options from different price points and styles to fit your needs.

    Choosing the best TV recliner isn't as simple as it appears. These days the simple reclining chair can have more features that an F-35 fighter jet, though thankfully they aren't as expensive. From motorized recline and motorized headrests, to massage functions and bass-shakers, the modern recliner is more complex than ever before.

    The basics are timeless, you'll want to select the cover material of your choice, though there are more premium options than you might expect. Vegan leather, stain-resistant fabrics, and other options are much improved from the faux PU leathers of years past. I can remember and old chair that lasted less than a year before the wear started to show, cheap plastic fake leathers were prone to cracking. Thankfully those days are long past.

    Recliners are some of the most comfortable and luxurious pieces of furniture you can buy, and they make watching TV a pleasure.

    Below we're going to breakdown some of the top choices and options you'll want to consider when looking at different TV recliners and chairs today:

    TV Recliner Options:

    Power Recliner:

    With a push of a button, a power recliner allows you to go from sitting up straight to lying flat. A power recliner is a great option if you're looking to do as little work as possible or if you're physically unable to manually recline up and down. These recliners are usually accompanied by a variety of options, including remote control, buttons and other control options.

    Manual Recliner:

    The first of it's kind! Recliners were initially all offered with manual features and this does have some advantages. These are typically a little less of an investment and they also offer a completely wireless setup. Meaning you can place your recliner anywhere and not have to worry about having to place it close to an outlet for a power recline.

    Swivel Recliner:

    Perhaps you're needing to grab the remote that's on a side table or reach for that popcorn. The swivel recliner feature is an important feature to consider when choosing your tv recliner. This offers an added range of motion.

    Rocking Recliner:

    If you've had a newborn then you're already familiar with this non-negotiable nursery item. The rocking recliner is a must-have for most new parents, however, this recliner is also in high demand for the living room area. It's versatile which makes it a good option for people with acid reflux or heartburn.

    TV Recliner FAQ's:

    What is a wall-hugger recliner?

    These recliners are uniquely built to allow them to be placed as close to the wall as possible. And yes, even at a full recline. These types of recliners are a great option for small apartments, rooms, and spaces.

    What type of material is best for a recliner?

    Leather seems to be the most durable option. It offers a smooth feeling and often these recliners are designed to last for years. That said, there are other factors to take into account such as ease of care. Semi-aniline leathers are finished with a protective finish on the surface making these types of leathers the easiest to clean.

    What is a Nordic recliner?

    A Nordic recliner combines luxury comfort with style. Nordic recliners are often, not always, accompanied by a separate footstool, swivel and rock functionality, and adjustable headrest. These types of recliners put an extra emphasis on craftsmanship making them very durable.

    What are the best features to have in a TV recliner?

    Many different features are offered so considering these carefully is important when selecting your dream recliner. Below we will highlight some of the features to consider when researching your future recliner:

    In-arm Storage - this might not be the most obvious feature to consider, but it is an important one. If you're tired of having to look your remote on the cluttered coffee table, inside the couch cushions, or asking your family where it could be then the in-arm storage is definitely worth considering to keep your remote in.

    USB charge ports - this is also an often overlooked feature as well. TV recliners with USB charge ports are in high demand. Sit back, relax, turn on your favorite show, and keep your mobile devices charged while doing so.

    Headrest adjustability - if you are tall, the headrest adjustability should be top of your list to consider. An adjustable headrest can make all the difference.

    Massage Functions - this feature certainly is a luxury and many great recliners will not have this option, but if you're looking for the utmost relaxation, definitely consider recliners with massage functions.

    We've reviewed dozens of chairs and narrowed down our favorites based on factors like comfort, durability, style, and price point to help you make an informed decision.

    Best TV Recliner

    Best Luxury Recliner

    Kehrli Upholstered Recliner

    The Kehrli Upholstered Recliner by Wade Logan is the perfect recliner if you're looking to splurge.

    This recliner's eye catching look is bound to complete your living room. It offers a plush, padded seat which is accompanied by a certified memory foam topper making it incredibly comfortable. Comfort isn't all that this recliner has to offer, it's also aesthetically very pleasing. The chair has sleek, metal legs in polished stainless steel. And it doesn't stop there, this recliner is equipped with a built-in USB port to make sure you can keep all your devices charged and powered push button recline.

    Things We Like

    • Offered in two separate colors: Polyester Blend White and Polyester Blend Ink Blue
    • Padded seat with certified memory foam topper
    • Built-in USB port
    • You can easily recline with the push button power

    Things We Don't Like

    • Not a massage chair

    If budget isn't a concern, the Kehrli Upholstered Recliner by Wade Logan is one of the best options for someone whose looking for lots of features, comfort, and also has an eye for design.

    Best Upholstered Recliner

    Evolur Phoenix Recliner

    The Evolur Phoenix recliner is a beautiful chair that looks great in any room. With a sleek and modern design, this chair can be used in your living room or as an extra seating option around the house.

    Sturdy construction & certified materials ensure comfort and durability.  Easy to reach push button mechanism makes it easy to recline.

    The product's comfort level speaks of luxury, but it doesn't have extra features. However, it's ideal if you want to enjoy your favorite TV show in a comfortable recliner chair after a busy day at work.

    Things We Like

    • It's super easy to assemble.
    • You have multiple colors to choose from.
    • It looks great, it's offers max comfort, and swivels.

    Things We Don't Like

    • You get limited features.

    The Best Budget Recliner Chair

    Comhoma Leather Chair Recliner

    If you're on a budget and looking for a powerful recliner that can rock, massage, heat, and swivel, check out the Comhoma leather recliner chair. It can recline up to 150 degrees and has exciting additional features.

    It's a fully padded seat with soft padding and much-needed lumbar support to give you the ultimate comfort. In addition, you can adjust to a comfortable position because of its wide reclining angle while watching your favorite shows.

    This ergonomic chair provides strength and better mobility as it's crafted with a high-quality recliner mechanism. The Comhoma recliner is great for households with limited mobility issues.

    Things We Like

    • The alloy steel frame can endure high pressure and weight.
    • The high-rebound sponge is ergonomic and makes you sit comfortably.
    • You can store your favorite magazines in the side storage pockets.
    • You can relax and unwind completely with the massage vibrator and heat controller.

    Things We Don't Like

    • The heating range could be better.

    The Comhoma recliner is excellent for office and home use because of its comfort and ergonomics. But if you're specifically looking for a massage chair, you will find better options. The vibration levels aren't too high, so the user may not feel the massaging effect. On top of that, users suggest the heater only heats up to body temperature.

    Best Recliner Under $500

    Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider

    The Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner is excellent if you want something cheaper but comfortable. It's a great addition to your living room, providing extra comfort and a great look to your living space.

    It's upholstered fabrics makes this a cozy seat after a long workday and features a sturdy and stylish design. But more importantly, it's straightforward to set up the entire chair within 15 minutes.

    It can be excellent for your living room if you want a basic but reliable recliner for under $500. However, it's not the right product if you want additional features like a USB charge port, arms storage, side pockets, massage, or heating options.

    Things We Like

    • The sleek and stylish design adds an aesthetic sense to your office or living space.
    • Amazon brand with 4/5 star rating

    Things We Don't Like

    • You don't have the luxury of additional features like a USB charging port.

    An Alternative Option

    Canmov Electric Power Recliner

    If you want a combo of luxury, comfort, and extra features, the Canmov Electric Power Recliner will be suitable. It has cup holders, breathable leather material, and arms storage for additional comfort.

    Its pitch-black color speaks of luxury. There is an overstuffed seat and padding for extra comfort, with breathable leather and construction from PVC and steel. So, it's a sturdy and comfortable chair, ideal for after-work relaxation.

    The power reclining features ensure you can seamlessly operate the chair with two buttons. So, you can bypass tedious seat adjustments. At the same time, you can charge your phone or tablet with a built-in USB port.

    Place your drinks in the cup holders on each side and use the hidden arm storage for books.

    Things We Like

    • The recliner adapts to different body shapes to provide optimal support.
    • It has high-quality materials and robust leather construction for sturdiness and durability.

    Things We Don't Like

    • It can take a little longer to assemble.

    The Canmov Electric Power Recliner offers the ultimate comfort and durability due to its sturdy construction. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a massager or heating option, so it may not relieve pain issues. However, this power lift recliner can provide much-needed peace of mind after a long day at work.

    Best Recliner for Big & Tall

    Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King (Extra Large) Recliner

    Now if you're someone who is of larger stature, there's also the perfect recliner for you. The Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King offers an option for big & tall with their recline that is rated for up to 500 pounds. This recliner's extended length is 79 inches which is the same as a king size mattress! The eat depth is 25 inches.

    Things We Like

    • Designed specifically for big and tall
    • 79 inches when extended
    • Designed with extra cushion and padding for max comfort

    Things We Don't Like

    • Not a lot of extra features

    The Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King offers ultimate comfort for big and tall. They designed this chair for a specific purpose in mind - king like comfort!

    Best Nordic Recliner

    Artiva USA Milano Recliner

    The Artiva USA Milano Recliner is one of our top choices if you are looking for a Nordic style tv recliner. This recliner combines luxury and style.

    If you're carefully considering craftsmanship, aesthetics, and comfort then this will be a great option. This recliner is designed with 10% bond leather offering a smooth finish.

    It looks great, feels great, and due to the footrest it's a great option no matter how tall you are!

    Things We Like

    • Accompanied with matching ottoman making it a great option no matter what your height is
    • Crafted with 100% bond leather
    • No assembly required

    Things We Don't Like

    • You don't have the luxury of additional features like a USB charging port.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Things to Consider While Buying a Recliner Chair

    A high-quality recliner chair has essential features to provide comfort and luxury. Knowing the tidbits of recliners helps you make a better decision as a buyer.

    So, here are a few things to consider.

    Room Size

    A recliner shouldn't bulk up the space in your room or office. You can easily find the one that fits your space as there are many options in size and height. For instance, if you're looking for a club chair, you'll find plenty of them that are quite short and are perfect for small spaces.

    On the other hand, if you have a large room or office, you may opt for a full-size recliner that gives you extra comfort while sitting down.

    It's a good idea to measure your room size and buy a recliner. In every case, look for a compact design that doesn't take up unnecessary space in your room.

    Also, make sure that the entryway can pass your recliner. Otherwise, it might be stuck at the door. The average recliner dimensions are 32 to 36 inches in width, 32 to 38 inches in length, and 43 inches high in an upright position.

    Body Compatibility

    Body conformation is a critical element when you choose a recliner. You will get uncomfortable if your body doesn't adjust to the seat size. So look for something that adapts to your body shape.

    Some recliners also offer additional padded cushions to adjust your body more comfortably.

    Comfort Level

    Nobody wants to sprawl in a chair that feels like a park bench. That's why a recliner has to be comfortable from every angle without skimping on the style and comfort you expect.

    Whether you choose a leather chair or a microfiber design, it must be comfortable. The best-selling comfortable chairs provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation to the users.

    If you want to enhance the comfort level, buy a recliner with overstuffed padding, deep seating, extended seating, and additional cushions.

    A comfortable TV recliner can offer several health benefits like:

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Mindful breathing
    • Body relaxation
    • Back pain relief

    You might feel more comfortable sleeping in a reclining chair after a surgery.

    Recliner Fabric Material Type

    Ensure the covering fabric is soft enough if you want a stress-free seating position on your recliner. After all, your recliner needs the best upholstery coverings!

    Typically, recliners have a comfortable leather body. The other options include cotton, microfiber, synthetic fibers, etc.

    You should choose a breathable material that suits your body.

    Headrest Adjustability

    The headrest may seem optional, but it's a critical part of the recliner. If you want a luxurious and comfortable seating experience, go for a recliner with an adjustable headrest position.

    It's very handy for those having neck pain or upper back problems.

    Recliner Base Type

    The functionality of a recliner depends on its base type. For instance, some recliners have dual motors for rocking and gliding operations. Moreover, there can be swivel action and power lifting base too.

    The base type has a direct link with the price of the recliner. So, if you want something luxurious that can rock, glide and swivel, it will cost you more.

    Additional Recliner Features

    The additional features differentiate average recliners from the best ones. For instance, some recliners offer a manual adjustment option, while others have powerlifting capabilities.

    In a powerlifting recliner, you let the motors do all the work with a control power button. In manual mode, you have to adjust the seat angle and height on your own.

    Likewise, some recliners provide a USB charging port, so you can run low-power electronic devices or charge your phones. Some other options don't feature this capability.

    If you have a recliner with additional electrical features, you must place it near a wall socket.

    Other additional features include larger seating, massaging, heating, and options like side storage, armrest storage, cup holders, etc.


    A high-quality recliner should last for a few years. Typically, recliners have two to four-sided frames. Four-side frames are sturdy because they can evenly distribute the pressure when you get up from the recliner.

    The recliner base is either wooden or plastic. Go for the wooden base because plastic doesn't last for too long.


    Do I Need a USB Port in My Recliner?

    It's a matter of choice. Some people prefer using recliners with USB ports because it gives them an added option to charge their phones. However, you can buy a recliner without a USB port if that's not your priority.

    Do Electrical Recliners Cost More?

    Generally, electrical power recliners have motors and heavy-duty equipment to support different operations. So, they can cost more than conventional manual recliners.

    What are the Different Types of Recliners?

    Recliners have different types based on their operation. For instance, there are custom recliners, wall huggers, gliders, and classic swivel recliners.

    In Conclusion

    TV recliners come in multiple sizes, features, and functionalities. So, picking one option can be slightly tricky. However, this buying guide should help you to find an amazing chair for your tv and living room needs.

    The best TV recliner will have a comfortable seat that allows you to adjust the seat height. In addition, it should support a larger weight capacity and have a durable construction.

    The additional features like, USB port, storage, and recline will also add to the value and make your recliner worth the price.


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