Published On: October 26, 2012

Beyerdynamic Releases Custom One Pro - A Customizable Headphone

Published On: October 26, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Beyerdynamic Releases Custom One Pro - A Customizable Headphone

Beyerdynamic has released the Custom One Pro headphone. The company claims that not only can a user customize the appearance of the headphone, but also the sound of the headphone.

Beyerdynamic Releases Custom One Pro - A Customizable Headphone

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Beyerdynamic-Custom-One-Pro-Headphone-small.jpgBeyerdynamic has developed a headphone that lets you listen to music interactively: the Custom One Pro. The first model of the brand new Custom series reportedly changes its sound characteristics from more analytical sound to colorful beats and back. The style is also flexible: The style kits, which are available as accessories, make it easy to give your headphones a new look with just a few quick movements. You can change your headphone's look at any time, even long after the initial purchase.

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The Custom sound slider is your tool for listening customization: Flexible bass reflex vents on the ear cups change the headphones' sound characteristic in four stages. When the vents are closed, they keep the transducer membranes under strict control, which produces an analytical sound. Beyerdynamic claims that with every notch on the slider, the Custom One Pro adds another layer of bass.

The sound slider allegedly transforms the Custom One Pro incrementally from an open to a closed headphone. Noise pollution, such as droning airplane engines or street noise, is kept out and is no longer a source of irritation.

The newly developed 16 Ohm drivers from the company's professional line of accessories claim a high degree of efficiency and a maximum volume of 116 decibels.

The Custom One Pro comes in matte black with a few subtle red accents.
However, every headphone can be personally styled on the Beyerdynamic website. The rings, covers and cushions on the ear pads are interchangeable, as is the cushioned headband - and not only when you are ordering your headphones, but also at any time afterwards. The user can switch the parts easily by hand in just a few simple moves.

The Custom One Pro is now available for $199.

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