Published On: September 23, 2008

BidMagic Shows 'Mobile Connect' to Connect Installation and Service Techs

Published On: September 23, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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BidMagic Shows 'Mobile Connect' to Connect Installation and Service Techs

If you've ever looked at your smartphone, iPad, laptop or even desktop computer and said to yourself "can't they all just get along" then you're going to be pleased by Bidmagic's latest announcement introducing their latest technology Mobile Connect.

BidMagic Shows 'Mobile Connect' to Connect Installation and Service Techs

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BidMagic, a provider of professional proposal software is showing Mobile Connect, a new service for project managers, installation crews and service techs. Mobile Connect uses cell phones and laptops to connect field techs to their calendars, tasks, projects and contacts. Field techs using even basic cell phones can receive assignments and alerts for work orders, installation, service appointments and more. This system provides up to the minute management and communication to field techs and does not require software.

Says Richard Riehl, President of BidMagic, "Mobile Connect is a powerful tool to help installation businesses run smoothly. Our new service sends tasks, alerts, address and contact information to any basic phone or smart phone using web connections and text messaging. These are controlled by BidMagic's Project Calendar, which uses a simple calendar interface to manage projects and job assignments. This is an affordable solution which forms a new workflow connecting people and projects together in real time."

BidMagic Mobile Connect
BidMagic's new solution empowers total team collaboration without the need for expensive and complicated server or share point solutions. Project Managers can use laptops or smart phones to remotely access the complete system. This new web based solution does not require software and is easy to implement and use without extensive training.

Target price is $25 per month for Mobile Connect users and $499 for the Project Calendar system. Subscription is required. Training information and email support are included. Live support plans are also available. Delivery is targeted for the end of September and is being demonstrated at CEDIA in BidMagic's booth #358.

For more information about BidMagic and its products, visit BidMagic at

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