Billy Bags AV Equipment Stands and Racks

Published On: January 25, 2009
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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Billy Bags AV Equipment Stands and Racks

Billy Bags is one of the few audiophile companies who have crossed over to the world of home theater with ease. Their wide variety of finishes and tank-line build quality woos hardcore AV enthusiasts as well as dealers.

Billy Bags AV Equipment Stands and Racks

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BillyBags_Reviewed.jpgBilly Bags stands have been receiving recognition for almost twenty years, a remarkable feat in this day and age when hot new products are usually made by companies that only stay in business for a few years. Equipment stands and racks may not be glamorous, but they are a necessity. While we all have our friends who have shoved their AV gear onto a bookcase or into an old armoire, a dedicated stand will do the job much better and can even help your equipment perform better.

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The equipment racks can be had in a variety of configurations. I personally own two single-column designs, one that holds five components and another, configured as a TV stand, which holds two components with a swiveling top. On of the great things about Billy Bags is that you can order your rack configured any way you like it. You need a four-component-wide rack that has eight-inch high spaces on the bottom row but only six-inch spaces on the top row? No problem. The top row needs a double-wide space in the middle for a center channel? No problem.

All this versatility in design is great, but it doesn't mean a thing if it isn't built well. Billy Bags makes several lines of gear, but are best known for their classic designs that feature tubular steel frames with laminated high-pressure composite boards to form the shelves. Other designs are available, including one that uses "I" beams. One of the tubular steel stands I have is well over a decade old and is still rock solid. The stands' frames are constructed out of one-inch coiled rolled steel. The seams are arc-welded on the inside, giving the outside a seamless appearance. The standard finish is a wrinkled black powder coat, but several other options are available. The shelves themselves are laminated three-quarter-inch-thick composite wood that are laminated top, front and bottom and have PVC edge banded sides. The top shelves on most units have the laminate surface on all sides and beveled corners. Glass shelves are also an option. Other options for the audiophile include the ability to fill the tubular legs with the material of choice and isolation dampers.

Read about the high points and low points of the BIlly Bags on Page 2.


High Points
• The Billy Bags racks all feature rock solid construction.
• Configuration options are limited only by your imagination.
• The stands feature clean lines, are not bulky and provide plenty of airflow for warm-running components.

Low Points
• Most of the racks do not feature adjustable shelves, which means if your system changes, the rack may need to be replaced.
• The Billy Bags aesthetics may be too masculine or industrial for some decors.

Billy Bags racks have earned their reputation as solid, well-designed
and even better-built racks. These racks really shine, as they allow
you to get exactly the rack you need for your gear. I have seen many of
the rack systems in the big box stores which claim to be configurable
to do whatever you want, but the Billy Bags have them beat. The Billy
Bags racks can be had with the exact spacing you need, not just the
two-inch increment that's closest to your specs. More importantly, the
majority of store-bought configurable racks are downright flimsy in
comparison to the Billy Bags. I don't know about you, but I'd much
rather have the gear I spent a lot of my time selecting, and even more
time earning the dollars to buy, on a solid Billy Bags rack that I know
I will never have to worry about falling apart, instead of some flimsy
rack that might not make it through the next time a strong wind blows.

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