Published On: August 23, 2023

Blending Tradition and Innovation: Quad Unveils Two New Pairs of Speakers, Revela 1 & Revela 2

Published On: August 23, 2023
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Blending Tradition and Innovation: Quad Unveils Two New Pairs of Speakers, Revela 1 & Revela 2

Revela 1 & Revela 2 are the first Quad speakers after a seven-year hiatus.

Blending Tradition and Innovation: Quad Unveils Two New Pairs of Speakers, Revela 1 & Revela 2

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British audio manufacturer Quad has unveiled its latest additions to the speaker lineup, introducing the Revela 1 and Revela 2 models. These releases mark Quad's reentry into the speaker market after a gap of seven years, presenting the integration of classic Quad technologies dating back to the 1940s with modern materials and design.

The Revela 1 is a standmount speaker equipped with a two-way driver configuration, while the Revela 2 takes the form of a three-way floorstanding speaker. The central feature of both speakers is the Quad True Ribbon high-frequency driver, which has its origins in Quad's original Corner Ribbon speaker system from 1949. The refinement of this technology over the years has led to the current iteration, with the development of the True Ribbon driver spanning four years.

The core principle of the True Ribbon driver design is the incorporation of a thin aluminum foil ribbon within a magnetic field. This design choice aims to mitigate common issues such as resonances and breakup modes frequently encountered in other tweeter designs. The outcome, according to Quad, is a refined audio output with an enhanced spatial quality.

The mid/bass diaphragms employed in the Revela speakers are constructed using a proprietary material named Reveal, a blend of wood pulp and artificial fibers. This unique material mixture is intended to enhance bass control and diminish upper-midrange resonances, potentially leading to an improved listening experience. 

The QUAD Revela 2 are floor standing speakers with two bass drivers, one midrange and the True Ribbon high-frequency driver.
Image Credit: Quad and Hanjin -

These diaphragms are integrated into driver units featuring high-power magnets and voice coils, aimed at enhancing sensitivity. The Revela 1 incorporates a single 165mm mid/bass driver, whereas the Revela 2 boasts two 165mm drivers responsible for bass frequencies, complemented by a 150mm unit handling midrange frequencies.

A meticulous approach to design is evident in the coordination of mid/bass cones with custom rubber surrounds incorporating damping layers. This design choice serves to minimize reflections that could trigger resonances in higher frequency ranges. The output of these drivers is meticulously balanced via an Acoustic Butterworth crossover network, a result of careful calibration through extensive listening tests to ensure seamless integration.

The low-frequency performance is bolstered by innovative bass reflex ports, incorporating longitudinal splines for optimizing airflow efficiency and potentially resulting in a more robust bass performance. 

The cabinets of the Revela speakers are constructed with panels that are optimally stressed and braced, while the radiused edges aim to mitigate unwanted diffraction effects. Both the Revela 1 and Revela 2 models are available in a choice of lacquered black or walnut finishes.

Optional speaker stands are offered for the Revela 1, tailored to provide the ideal listening height while managing vibrations and sound reflections. For the Revela 2 floorstanders, these include carbon steel plinths, stainless steel spikes, and spike seats, potentially enhancing stability and acoustic performance.

Scheduled for release in September, the Revela 1 is set to retail at £1,799 (around $2200) per pair, while the Revela 2 model will be priced at £3,499 (around $4400) per pair. The availability of an all-black finish and walnut finish offers potential buyers a choice of aesthetics to suit their preferences.

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