Published On: March 26, 2012

Blu-ray Player Penetration Reaches 26 Percent

Published On: March 26, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Blu-ray Player Penetration Reaches 26 Percent

Blu-ray players made a big leap forward, entering into more households than ever before. This is something that bodes well for the quality of content and the consumer electronics industry.

Blu-ray Player Penetration Reaches 26 Percent

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Yamaha_BD-A1010_Bluray_player.jpgHome Media Magazine reports that a little more than one in every four homes now has a Blu-ray player in it, as of the fourth quarter. That is a huge level of growth from the same time in 2010. A 47% level of growth to be exact.

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Horsham, PA-based Centris Research released this finding in a quarterly report about the penetration of communication and technology in the home. This research proves favorable for the consumer electronics industry because the Blu-ray market is what continues to drive physical media sales. This is also good news for the movie industry as Blu-ray discs provide a high profit margin for studios than DVD, disc rentals, or VOD.

The likely cause of this increase in Blu-ray player ownership is also presented in this report from Centris. During this same period, HDTV ownership also increased 6%, which means that 63% of all houses now have HDTVs in them. More HDTVs means more owners in search of high definition content.

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