Published On: February 22, 2012

Bob Carver Debuts the Amazing Line Source Speaker

Published On: February 22, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Bob Carver Debuts the Amazing Line Source Speaker

Bob Carver LLC has decided to extend the company's offerings beyond that of tube amplifiers. Now the company will offer a line source speaker that promises to be an acoustical powerhouse.

Bob Carver Debuts the Amazing Line Source Speaker

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bob_carver_amazing_line_source_speaker.jpgBob Carver LLC, a specialist audiophile manufacturer, just announced a new line source speaker, named the Amazing Line Source Speaker. Bob Carver will be showing the speaker for the first time at the Axpona Trade Show.

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According to the company, the Amazing Line Source Speakers present an impressive soundstage that extends far back from the speakers, and is much wider than the speakers. The speakers have had physics theory applied in their design to achieve their reportedly high level of acoustical transparency and realism.

The Amazing Line Source (ALS) Preliminary Specifications:
Height: 8 feet
Cabinet: 1 piece extruded aluminum cabinet
Rated Power: 2,000 watts
SPL: 121 dB
Sensitivity: -96dB

The ALS lists for $22,000 and will ship in May.

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