Published On: June 23, 2012

Bob Carver Releases Black Magic 20 Stereo Amplifier

Published On: June 23, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Bob Carver Releases Black Magic 20 Stereo Amplifier

Bob Carver LLC has announced a new stereo tube amplifier with the Black Magic 20. However, this new amplifier is priced more affordably than previous models, allowing entry-level enthusiast to enjoy the product.

Bob Carver Releases Black Magic 20 Stereo Amplifier

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Bob_Carver_Black_Magic_20_amp.jpgBob Carver LLC just announced a new 20-watt stereo amplifier named the Black Magic 20.

"This amplifier has surprised me with its large, beautiful soundstage. It has brought music to life with a reach and a beauty that is difficult to describe. It fills the room and gives each individual instrument an exact location inside the stereo acoustic soundscape," says Bob Carver.

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"The VTA20S represents Bob's latest and greatest thinking on vacuum tube amplifier designs. This amplifier has many deluxe features not normally found in lower cost units," says Bob Farinelli.

A screen voltage regulator and DC restoration circuit minimizes crossover distortion and output tube power dissipation. The 1.5 ohm output impedance coupled with current and voltage feedback loops also allows the amplifier to listen to the room via acoustic feedback from the speakers.

The new stereo amplifier is conservatively rated at 20 WRMS in 2-channel stereo mode or 40 WRMS when used in single-channel mono mode. The amplifier features auto biasing and low idle current greatly increasing EL84M output tube life.

The Black Magic 20 will ship in July for $2,100.

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