Published On: June 11, 2011

Boston Acoustics Brought Audio to Microsoft Kinect at E3 2011

Published On: June 11, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Boston Acoustics Brought Audio to Microsoft Kinect at E3 2011

Boston Acoustics teamed up with Microsoft at the Electronic Entertainment Expo to bring audio to Microsoft's Xbox 360 booth, where every Kinect also had a Boston Acoustics soundbar to deliver audio.

Boston Acoustics Brought Audio to Microsoft Kinect at E3 2011

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Boston_Acoustics_TVee_25_soundbar.gifBoston Acoustics is bringing dramatic surround sound and a powerfully immersive audio experience to game-playing users. 

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Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer (MSRP: $349.99) provided powerful surround sound to gamers at Microsoft's E3 Kinect booth. Microsoft's booth featured ten Kinect "pods." Each pod included a Kinect game system, a video display, and a TVee Model 25 soundbar system with Dolby Digital decoding, delivering the ultimate gaming experience to each player.  
Boston's TVee Model 25 brings power, quality, and dynamic audio punch to gaming, TV, and movies, as well as enhanced music listening. Following Boston's "Play Smart" approach to product design, the system includes a host of "Smart" Features: 
• Easy "one-wire" hookup makes it a snap to install with either digital or analog connections, so consumers can begin taking advantage of all the system's capabilities right out of the box;  • Soundbar learns your existing remote control, eliminating the need for additional remotes
• Better music with dedicated Music Mode, providing listeners with a rich and luxurious music listening experience 
• Front panel Input button allows users to select digital or analog sources, making it easier to switch between them 
• Play Wirelessly! Wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room, even out of sight, which adds to the system's convenience and flexibility 
• A special "Placement EQ Switch" maximizes performance whether the soundbar is placed on a cabinet or mounted on a wall.

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