Published On: January 10, 2011

Boston Acoustics Debuts A Series Loudspeakers

Published On: January 10, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Boston Acoustics Debuts A Series Loudspeakers

Boston Acoustics has introduced the new A Series loudspeakers. The A Series includes two floorstanding speakers, the company's flagship 3-way A 360, with dual 6 1/2" wooders and a 3 1/2" midrange, the two-way Model A 250 with dual 5 ¼" woofers; two two-way bookshelf models.

Boston Acoustics Debuts A Series Loudspeakers

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Boston Acoustics recently introduced a brand new line: the A Series loudspeakers.

The new A Series includes two floorstanding speakers, the flagship 3-way A 360, with dual 6½" woofers and a 3½" midrange (MSRP: $399.99), the 2- way Model A 250 with dual 5¼" woofers (MSRP: $299.99); two 2-way bookshelf models, A 26, 6 ½" (MSRP: $199.99) and A 25 5 ¼" (MSRP: $149.99); and the A 225C 2-way center-channel speaker with dual 5¼" woofers (MSRP: $249.99). Also included in the line is a compact 2-way satellite A 23, 3½" (MSRP: $139.99) which can be used as a surround or a bookshelf speaker.

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All A Series 3- and 2-way models feature Boston's 1" Kortec soft dome tweeter for high frequency response. Two new powered subwoofers, the 300-watt (650 watts peak) ASW 650 front-firing 10" ported and 150-watt (300 watts peak) down-firing 10" ported ASW 250 (MSRP: $349.99) complete the lineup.

In addition, Boston Acoustics is offering a convenient new 5.1-channel surround sound speaker package, the A 2310 HTS. The system includes five A Series speakers, four A 23 satellite speakers, one A 223C center channel (sold only as part of the speaker package, with dual 3 ½" woofers) and the ASW 250 subwoofer, for an MSRP of $899.99. The A Series is expected to be available in February 2011.

Boston engineers brought together elements of traditional loudspeaker design and technology and also included "Smart" Features to enhance the user experience. Vertical and horizontal internal bracings reportedly reduces cabinet resonances for enhanced audio quality, and a newly developed ceramic and glass fiber polymer woofer cones allegedly allow for higher speed, reduced distortion, and improved sensitivity.


The A Series speakers are designed for either multi-channel home theater or stereo-only music systems, and may be used with each other in any configuration for any listening application.

Smart Features include:
• Boston's 1-inch Kortec soft dome tweeter for high frequencies
• Advanced ceramic/glass fiber polymer woofers with Deep Channel Design (DCD) deliver reportedly more bass response from less amplifier power
• Acoustically tuned ports for improved low frequency response
• Easy Hook-Up 5-way gold-plated binding posts provide more hook-up flexibility
• Boston's BassTrac circuitry for allegedly more bass without distortion (subwoofers only)

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