Published On: September 27, 2008

Boston Acoustics Introduces In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Published On: September 27, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Boston Acoustics Introduces In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Boston Acoustics is out with a whole new line of 2009 in-wall speakers derived from their Vista, Classic and Horizon series of speaker. These new in-walls are designed to have a more thin bezel and fit in with today's modern, HDTV-dominated decors

Boston Acoustics Introduces In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

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Boston-Acoustics-In-wall.gifBoston Acoustics just announced the upcoming introduction of over 25 new in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers. The majority of the company's new in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature new grilles that magnetically attach to their baffles. This design allows for quicker and easier installation, plus a 70% reduction in the size of the visible bezel for a slimmer look all the way around and a more flush mount to ceiling and walls. Boston Acoustics' range of new in-wall and in-ceiling speakers includes models in the company's new Vista Series, as well as its new Classic Series and Horizon Series. In addition to the reduction in bezel size, the speakers feature a variety of design and engineering advancements. All models feature paint-ready grilles and are scheduled for market introduction in January 2009.

Boston Acoustics Sr. Vice President & General Manager Eli Harary, noted: "Whether custom installers are asked to retrofit or build home entertainment systems into new homes during construction, there's increasing demand for advanced high-quality loudspeaker solutions that not only sound great but minimize their visual intrusion. With our newly designed magnetic grill attachment and reduced bezel, our new in-ceiling and in-wall models are a true breakthrough in 'hidden' sound. And most importantly, we've combined these design innovations with sophisticated new audio reproduction technologies and engineering that yields enhanced sonic realism and wider dispersion, so consumers can enjoy rich musical reproduction and the ultimate in placement/installation flexibility."

Vista Series

Boston Acoustics' new in-wall loudspeakers in its Vista Series include the Model V 555W2 Dual 5" Woofer (MAP: $675), V 575 6" Woofer (MAP: $460), and V 585 8" Woofer (MAP: $575), all with 1" Aluminum VR tweeters and advanced DCD• Woofers with cast baskets. In addition, the Vista in-wall lineup includes the VS 8W2 In-Wall Subwoofer (MAP: $600) with Dual 8" DCD Copolymer Woofers in cast baskets (suggested for use with the SA1 subwoofer amplifier), as well as the V 5835 3-Way In-Wall (MAP: $1,200), featuring a 1" VR tweeter, 3" midrange driver, and 8" cast DCD copolymer woofer housed in a structure that allows the midrange/tweeter plate to rotate 90 degrees for horizontal or vertical installation.

New Vista Series in-ceiling loudspeakers include the V560 6" woofer (MAP: $290), V 570 6" woofer (MAP: $400), V 580 8" woofer (MAP: $520). These three models all feature pivoting 1" aluminum VR tweeters in-cast aluminum cups, and DCD woofers with cast baskets. For the widest possible sound dispersion, they feature a cast aluminum bezel and floating tweeter island, as well as a boundary compensation switch.

Vista's in-ceiling loudspeaker family continues with the V 580T2 Two-Way Dual Tweeter (MAP: $575), dual 1" aluminum VR tweeters 8" DCD woofer with cast basket, the high-humidity weather-resistant VH 47T02 Two-Way Dual Tweeter (MAP: $450) Dual 1" Kortec, tweeters 6" copolymer woofer (standard bezel design), and the V5830 3-Way In-Ceiling (Map: $920) 1" Aluminum VR tweeter, 3" Midrange Driver, 8" DCD Woofer with cast basket and a patented rotating midrange/tweeter bezel.

Discreet Listening

To provide custom installers and consumers with more solutions for discreet speaker installations, Boston Acoustics is introducing a broad range of new in-wall and in-ceiling models in its popular Horizon Series. Models include the H255 2-Way 5" (MAP: $85), H275 2-Way 6" (MAP: $145), both with mylar tweeters and laminate film woofers, as well as the H455 2-Way 5 14" (MAP: $175), H475 2-Way 6" (MAP: $255), H485 2-Way 8" (MAP: $350), all with 1" Kortec tweeters and copolymer woofers. The line also includes the single-speaker stereo solution, Model H475T2 Dual 6" (MAP: $500), with two 1" Kortec tweeters and copolymer woofer, as well as the H455W2 Dual 5" (MAP: $500), with a 1" Kortec tweeter and dual copolymer woofers.

The Horizon in-ceiling lineup includes the H 250 2-Way 5" (MAP $85), the H 270 2-Way 6" MAP $145), H 460 2-Way 6" (MAP $175), H 470 2-Way 6" (Map $255), H 480 2-Way 8" (MAP: $400), as well as the Dual Tweeter In-Ceiling Model H 460T2 (MAP $255), the H 470T2 2-Way 6" (MAP: $450). In addition, the line includes the new high-humidity, weather-resistant HH 460T2 2-Way 6" (MAP: $275), as well as the H 4830 3-Way In-ceiling (MAP: $600) with a1" Kortec Tweeter, 3" copolymer midrange woofer, 8" cast DCD copolymer woofer Midrange/tweeter plate rotates for positioning.

Installable Solutions in the Classic Series

In addition to its new Vista and Horizon Series installable loudspeakers solutions, Boston Acoustics is introducing four installable new models in its Classic Series, including the In-Wall Models CS 275 2-Way 6" (MAP $125) and CS285 2-Way 8" (MAP: $200), as well as the In-Ceiling Models CS 270 2-Way 6" (MAP: $125) and CS 280 2-Way 8" (MAP $200.) The new Classic Series installable speakers are scheduled for delivery in November 2008.

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