Published On: September 27, 2008

Boston Acoustics Introduces New Black P400 Soundbar

Published On: September 27, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Boston Acoustics Introduces New Black P400 Soundbar

Boston Acoustics is out with a whole new line of soundbar products. The flagship product is called the Boston Acoustics P400 and retails at $900. Smaller soundbars are offered $500 and $400 in the P450 and P442. These new speakers come in a gloss black finish that matches the look of many of today's HDTVs

Boston Acoustics Introduces New Black P400 Soundbar

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Boston Acoustics, Inc., a manufacturer of loudspeakers, today announced the introduction of a new version of its P400 Theater Speaker (MAP: $900) with a high-gloss black finish. The P400 provides left, center, and right channels all in a single unit. The new finish will also be available on two other P Series models, the P450 (MAP: $500 each) and P442 (MAP: $400). All P Series speakers are designed to complement all sizes of display devices.

Noted Phil Cohn, Boston Acoustics Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing: "The explosion of sales in flat-panel TVs continues to create broad consumer demand for easy-to-use and easy-to-install products that enhance the viewing experience with great surround sound. By offering our renowned Model P400, as well as our two other P Series models in high gloss black, as well as continuing to offer them in silver, we're giving consumers more options for creating high-performance home theater audio systems that match perfectly with a wide variety of displays, interior decors and living environments."

P400: Three Surround Sound Channels in One Bar-Shaped Solution

Featuring one 4½-inch Neo magnet woofer per channel, one 4½-inch passive radiator per channel, and one 1-inch VR® aluminum dome tweeter with AMD• per channel, the Boston Acoustics P400 is a three-channels-in-one solution, with a bar-shaped design that fits on the wall below a flat-panel display.

With the exception of the P400, each P Series model is designed as a single-channel speaker sized to match the vertical dimension of an appropriate display screen. Thus, the P460 Speaker is best suited for screen sizes approximately 60-inches and larger diagonally, the P450 Speaker for displays roughly 50-inches and larger, the P442 Speaker for displays 42-inches and larger, and the P430 Speaker for screen sizes 26-inches and larger.

P Series Provides Custom Installation Flexibility

For custom installation professionals and retailers, the P Series has been designed for ease and flexibility of placement. All models are acoustically tuned to be mixed and matched for a given application.

Every P Series speaker, for example, is designed for use as a left-, center, or right-channel speaker, eliminating the need for retailers to stock an additional matching center channel model. Every P Series speaker also ships with both black and silver grilles, enabling one speaker unit to serve, for inventory purposes, as a left, right and matching center speaker in both available colors. Each P Series speaker also comes supplied with a wall-mounting bracket that makes it easy to position the speaker vertically or horizontally. Additional mounting options include the elegant P4TS Table Mount (MAP: $80, each) and stylish P4FL Floor Mount (MAP: $320, a pair), both available separately.

TVee Model Two: "Soundbar" Solution

In addition to the P Series, Boston Acoustics offers another solution for flat-panel TVs with its TVee Model Two, A Television Entertainment Enhancement System. The system consists of a slim single "soundbar" that can be placed above or below a television, or mounted on the wall, along with a matching wireless woofer that can be placed anywhere in the room to deliver added bass response. Users plug a single wire from the sound bar into their television's line-level output, and because the woofer is wireless, it can be placed virtually anywhere, even in a corner behind the couch, and still provide added bass response.

To make it easy for customers to individualize the look of their TVee Model Two, the system features the company's new P.O.P. (Personal Option Plan) that lets users customize the look of their product using easily removable & replaceable cloth grilles that are available in a wide variety of colors.

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