Published On: April 18, 2011

Boston Acoustics Reintroduces the A Series

Published On: April 18, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Boston Acoustics Reintroduces the A Series

According to report in CNET News, Boston Acoustics will be bringing back their A series of speakers. The speakers will have the same classic style that made them popular but will also take full advantage of the latest and best modern technology.

Boston Acoustics Reintroduces the A Series

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Boston_Acoustics_A_25_bookshelf_Speaker.gifCNET News reports that Boston Acoustics has decided to bring back their A series of speakers, but with modern updates. It's been many years since the A series were introduced and in that time the Boston Acoustics engineers have learned a lot, as have all speaker companies.

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The new bookshelf model, the A 26, measures 13 inches by 8.25 inches by 10.5 inches and retails for $200 each. There is also a new floorstanding model, the A 360, that retails for $400 each. Within the new A series there are several new models. A smaller floorstanding speaker, the A 250, which goes for $300 each; two smaller bookshelf models, the A 25 and the A 23, retails for $150 and $140 respectively; a center-channel speaker, A 225C, which carries a price tag of $250. The final product in the line is a 5.1 speaker system, the A 2310, which has a $900 retail price.

The speakers feature high-gloss, scratch-resistant cabinets and magnetically attached grilles. The woofer cones are newly developed and made out of ceramic and glass fiber polymer.

Lastly, there are two new powered subwoofers available: the 300-watt ASW 650 and the 150-watt ASW 250 ($350).

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