Published On: August 23, 2023

Bowers & Wilkins Introduces the Enhanced 600 S3 Series Loudspeakers

Published On: August 23, 2023
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Bowers & Wilkins Introduces the Enhanced 600 S3 Series Loudspeakers

Revamped lineup of 600 Series S3 loudspeakers offers new features and performance improvements.

Bowers & Wilkins Introduces the Enhanced 600 S3 Series Loudspeakers

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In an exciting development for audio enthusiasts, renowned audio equipment manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled its latest addition to the loudspeaker market: the 600 Series S3. This launch marks the eighth generation of the acclaimed 600 Series, reaffirming the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality sound experiences.

The 600 Series has long been a cornerstone of Bowers & Wilkins' product offerings, representing a step into attainable yet high-performance loudspeakers. With the introduction of the 600 S3 Series, the company aims to enhance this legacy further by incorporating a range of innovative features that have trickled down from their more premium lines.

Dave Sheen, Brand President of Bowers & Wilkins said: “After nearly 30 years of continual evolution and improvement, we believe that the latest 600 Series S3 continues to set a benchmark in its category. Cascading key technologies down from our high-end loudspeaker ranges means everyone experiencing the new 600 Series will enjoy a performance that genuinely delivers on our promise of True Sound and brings the listener closer than ever to the artist’s intent.

Perhaps the most significant enhancement in the 600 S3 Series is the implementation of an entirely new tweeter technology. The Titanium Dome tweeter boasts a two-part design, featuring a thin, rigid 25-micron main dome accompanied by a 30-micron titanium ring. 

This configuration is housed within an elongated tube-loading system, which has been inspired by the design philosophy of Bowers & Wilkins' higher-end 700 Series S3. This innovation serves to reduce resonant frequencies behind the dome, resulting in a more open and less cabinet-affected sound output.

Revamped lineup of 600 Series S3 loudspeakers offers new features and performance improvements. 4fed0221 image2
Image Credit: Bowers & Wilkins

Furthermore, the tweeter's mounting plate has been upscaled to match the dimensions of the 700 Series S3, promoting improved dispersion and a more open sound signature. The addition of a new tweeter grille design mirrors the aesthetic choices of the recently introduced 800 Series Signature, which should enhance both sonic performance and visual appeal.

The technological advancements don't end there. Drawing inspiration from the award-winning 700 Series, the 600 S3 Series loudspeakers feature Continuum Cones with improved motor assemblies for enhanced midrange and bass/midrange drivers. Crossovers have been upgraded with high-quality bypass capacitors derived from the 700 Series, resulting in heightened resolution and transparency.

The cabinet design of the 600 S3 Series has undergone a thoughtful overhaul as well. The integration of intersecting trim rings has allowed the placement of tweeter and main driver units closer together, optimizing stereo imaging and driver integration. Cabinets now feature enhanced internal bracing, contributing to overall rigidity and sound performance.

Bowers & Wilkins offers a comprehensive range of models within the 600 S3 Series to cater to various preferences and listening spaces. The lineup includes the floorstanding 603 S3 with FST Continuum Cone midrange driver and paper cone bass drivers, the 606 S3 standmount featuring a Continuum Cone mid/bass driver, the compact 607 S3 standmount with a Continuum Cone mid/bass driver, and the HTM6 S3 center speaker.

For those seeking a complete home theater setup, Bowers & Wilkins has introduced the FS-600 S3 floor stands for the 606 S3 and 607 S3 models. These stands not only enhance stability but also offer a seamless visual integration with the speakers.

The Bowers & Wilkins 600 S3 Series speakers are now available for purchase through authorized dealers and the Bowers & Wilkins official website. These speakers are offered in a variety of finishes, including Oak, White, Black, and a distinctive Cherry finish exclusive to the APAC markets.

The pricing structure for the 600 S3 Series is as follows:

  • 603 S3 floorstander: Starting at $2,500 per pair
  • 606 S3 standmount: Starting at $1,100 per pair
  • 607 S3 bookshelf: Starting at $900 per pair
  • HTM6 S3 center speaker: Starting at $900 each

Enthusiasts can also explore the FS-600 S3 floor stands, priced at $300 per pair, to further enhance the setup and aesthetic of their 606 S3 and 607 S3 bookshelf speakers.

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