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Apple Computer is one of the most powerful players in the world of specialty audio video even if they are known more for their Macintosh operating system and computers like the iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and beyond.
Apple Computer literally changed the music business forever with the advent of iTunes. While creating billions of dollars of new sales, Apple has forced below-CD resolution audio to its clients for downloading and streaming. The way Apple sells music has also been revolutionary in that they have made it one-touch easy to manage, manipulate and buy your music in ways that 10 years earlier simply couldn't have been imagined.
Apple's iPod quickly became a must have home theater and audiophile source component. Its portability, ease of use and overall power made it needed component for mainstream users.

Apple's iPhone wooed even more people to buy music, movies and applications from the computer giant from Cupertino, California. Despite being locked into horrible AT&T service - people who use an Apple iPhone love it. They also have been integrated into home theater systems.
The iPad is taking on Crestron in the home automation market with a more sexy, better form factor touch panel that sells for as little as $500 and is starting to be used by Apple-centric companies like Savant as a whole home automation device.
The most powerful element of the Apple product line up is AppleTV which is the most sexy, powerful, easy to use media server on the market to date. Paired with a computer, these hockey puck sized repeaters can stream music, movies, photos and other content wirelessly through a consumer's home at a very low cost. Audiophiles love the AppleTV interface and many use in their systems today. The analog output of an AppleTV isn't very good but many audiophiles pair an AppleTV with an audiophile DAC.

Notable Apple products include:
• AppleTV • Apple Mac Mini • Apple iPad • Apple ITunes • Apple iPhone • Apple iMac • Apple Mac Pro • Apple Macbook pro has many articles about Apple including: Apple Announces New Apple TV, Apple Unveils All New Mac Mini, and Some Networks Fear that Apple is Going to Destroy Television.

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