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Best Buy is a multinational retailer and etailer that specializes in consumer electronics. They also sell home appliances, accessories, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray. The have co-branded with CinemaNow for a movie streaming/download service. Best known for their blue buildings and employee uniforms, BestBuy is a "grab-and-go" type store, with most merchandise on the show floor.
Best Buy traces their roots back to an audio specialty store in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1966.
Best Buy has several in-house brands such as Insignia, Dynex, and RocketFish.
Competition from BestBuy was one of the factors in the closure of competition like The Good Guys and Circuit City.
Best Buy's high-end division is called Magnolia and usually is displayed in a seperate section of the store with specialized sales reps.
It seemed Best Buy was on the verge of going under around the 2012 holiday period, closing mulitple stores. Lately, though, profits are way up, stock price is way up, and it seems like we won't see a repeat of Circuit City just yet. has articles covering Best Buy's inclusion of vinyl into their stores and Best Buy's exclusive Sony ALTUS line.

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