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Founded in 1980 by engineer Jacques Mahul, Focal went on to dominate the French loudspeaker business. Focal performs all of its design and manufacturing in-house, and has earned worldwide industry acclaim for its driver and cabinetry quality and performance. Their in-house speaker brand is JM labs which is at the pinnacle of the world of audiophile speakers including the $400,000 JM Labs Grand Utopia.
Focal drivers are used in many other audiophile speakers as driver components. Focal also makes top of the line, high end 12 volt (car audio) equipment.

Focal's range of speakers is impressive including the Focal Grand Utopia EM to the Maestro Utopia to the Scala Utopia - Focal is a player in the world of uber-high-performance audiophile speakers along with Wilson Audio, YG Acoustics, Magico, Verity Audio and others.
Focal is known for its gorgeous industrial design as well as their controlled yet passionate sound. Their Dome speakers have won awards for their gorgeous industrial design.
Compare Focal on the high end with Wilson Audio, MartinLogan, B&W, Meridian, YG Acoustics and Magico.
For lower lines of Focal speakers - compare with the likes of Paradigm, KEF, PSB and Bowers & Wilkins.

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