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Mark Levinson was founded in 1972 by legendary audio designer Mark Levinson. The MLC-1 moving coil cartridge and JC-1 preamplifier (named for its designer, the legendary John Curl who went on to design products for Parasound), were amung the first products.
After being acquired by one of its distributors, Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Mark Levinson produced some of the industry's highest acclaimed amplifier and preamplifier products, such as the No.23/23.5 amplifier, No.26 preamplifier, and No.30/31 Digital Processor/CD Transport. has reviews for many Mark Levinson products including:
Mark Levinson No 53 Hybrid Digital Power Amplifier Mark Levinson No 512 CD/SACD Player Mark Levinson No 326S Preamplifier Mark Levinson No 436 Monaural Amplifier
Harman International purchased the company in the early 2000s, and the company continues to produce some of the world's most acclaimed high end audio and home theater products.
Mark Levinson also brought its high end name and pedigree to the world of luxury automobiles with its groundbreaking deal with Lexus, in which Lexus includes Mark Levinson-branded audio systems with some of its vehicles, including the incredible LFA.
Compare Mark Levinson to companies like Audio Research, Conrad-Johnson, and McIntosh.
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