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Orb Audio is a US-based manufacturer of small spherical speakers. Each Orb system is based around several Orb cabinets. Each sphere, roughly 4-inches in diameter. They house a single full range driver. The base system, the Mod 1, is a pair of Orbs and a single subwoofer. This can expand to a 5.1 system. The Mod2 systems are a pair of stacked (or side-by-side) orbs mounted to a single stand. A 5.1 Mod2 system will have 10 Orbs total. At the top of the scale is the Mod4 which has, you guessed it, four Orbs for each channel.
Despite their different design, Orb speakers can be used with any amplifier or receiver and can be wall mounted or placed on stands. They are best matched with a subwoofer. Conveniently, Orb also sells the Super Eight 8-inch subwoofer and the Uber Ten sub with a 10-inch woofer.

Recently Orb released the 40-watt Audiophile Pyle Pro desktop amplifier to create a small computer audio system.
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