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PS Audio was founded by audio design legends Paul McGowan and Stan Warren in 1974. Until its demise in 1998 PS Audio produced some the industry's finest affordable high performance audio products, including the world's first Digital-to-Analog Converter (the Digital Link).
Shortly after leaving Genesis Technologies in 2000, Paul re-launched PS Audio with the groundbreaking P300 Power Plant, a product that revolutionized and rejuvenated the power conditioning industry. Rather than passing a system's AC through a series of filters and transformers, the Power Plant converts the AC to DC and then back to AC again, completely regenerating the power into a new, perfectly clean line voltage suited for virtually any type of audio and home theater electronics product. Eventually, PS Audio ventured into other categories such as amplifiers, preamplifiers, and cables, to similar critical acclaim.

Notable PS Audio products include:
PS Audio Power Plant PS Audio PerfectWave DAC PS Audio PowerPlay's PS Audio product reviews:
PS Audio Power Plant Premier PS Audio Juice Bar II
Similar companies include APC, Richard Gray's Power Company, and Wadia.
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