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Role Audio opened its doors in 1999. Their primary performance goal is to manufacture small loudspeakers that deliver the performance of large loudspeakers in the smallest possible footprint. Role set out to use the latest technology and the least amount of drivers, crossover parts, and materials to deliver big speaker performance in the smallest possible cabinet designs.

Role Audio is an affiliate of NSMT Loudspeakers (formerly NSM Audio) that pioneered the development of high quality, small American made, mini-monitor loudspeakers with the introduction of the Model 10S and Model 5 in the early 1990s. Based on NSMT's research and experience, Role Audio was tasked with developing a series of elegant, small, timbre matched loudspeakers that would deliver truly astonishing performance for their size and price.
Role Audio's designs turn on their pioneering work with transmission line designs of such speakers as the Sampan FTL that weighs four pounds but has a ban width of 40 Hz to 20 kHz, and the Enterprise that pioneers the first use of dual transmission lines.

Each speaker in the Role Audio line is named after a ship: the Skiff, the Sampan, the Kayak, Canoe, and Windjammer are named for water borne ships and the Discovery and Enterprise are named for space ships.
Role Audio stands behind their products with an unprecedented five-year transducer replacement policy. All Role Audio products are conceived, designed, engineered, and manufactured in North Carolina, USA. Role manufactures all their cabinets in-house. Role uses the most advanced loudspeaker design technology and classic and modern cabinet manufacturing techniques, to deliver the ultimate immersive music and theater experience, while being mindful of our environment and health.

PO Box 13396 Research Triangle Park
(no stated city), NC 22709

919.886.7057 tel.
919.224.8777 alt. tel.
206.339.9034 fax

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