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Sanyo WAS Founded in Japan in 1947. Initially making radios and washing machines, Sanyo evolved into television production in 1955. Sanyo then began innovating in what would become one of its biggest areas of focus: power generation and management. Sanyo produced a series of battery products that valulted them into a leadership position in that industry. In addition, the company continued to expand its presence on consumer electronics, eventually living up to its name (meaning "three oceans" in Japanese) by expanding its presence to all four corners of the globe.
Today, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is a multi-billion-dollar global leader in providing solutions for the environment, energy and for lifestyle applications based on its brand vision 'Think GAIA'. In 2008, Sanyo was purchased by Panasonic and became a subsidary. Panasonic has said that they will eventually terminate the brand, except for products where consumers still have a positive view of the brand.
The Sanyo Fisher Company (a division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.), based in Chatsworth, California, markets digital projectors, digital still cameras, digital media camcorders, home appliances, security video equipment, audio systems, portable and mobile electronics and HD televisions.

Notable Sanyo Products: PLC-XF71 PLC-XF70/PLV-WF20 PLC-XTC50L PLV-Z3000 PLC-XW65 PLV-Z700 PLC-XP200L's Sanyo product reviews include:
SANYO PLV-Z4000 LCD Projector Sanyo PLV-Z3000 LCD Projector Sanyo PLV-Z700 LCD Projector

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