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Tannoy, founded in 1926, pioneered the Dual Concentric loudspeaker design, or ‘coaxial’ as is more commonly known, where the tweeter unit operates within the woofer unit. According to some critics, the Dual Concentric system promotes a more harmonic presentation and more of a point source operation than traditional driver arrays.
Today, Tannoy produces a prodigious array of both passive and active loudspeaker products utilizing both Dual Concentric and traditional driver arrays, for a myriad of applications including home, architectural, studio, professional, and multimedia. A testament to the power of quality, consistency, and reliability, Tannoy has remained a formidable brand name regardless of market climate and continues producing exceptional products.
Though reasonably well known in the US, Tannoy is so well known in the UK that many PA systems are colloquially referred to as “the Tannoy.”

Notable Tannoy products include:
Tannoy Kingdom Royal Tannoy Arena Tannoy Autograph Mini Tannoy Kensington SE Super Tweeter, an add-on designed to sit on top of a speaker
HomeTheaterReview.com’s Tannoy product reviews include:Tannoy Arena 5.1 Loudspeaker System
Companies similar to Tannoy include Linn, Cabasse, Mission, Mordaunt-Short, Naim, Quad, KEF, Monitor Audio, and Wharfedale.
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