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Transparent Audio is known as one of if not the leader in high end audio and video cables. While their product line starts in more modest levels, Transparent is known for the Opus line of cables that cost tens upon tens of thousands of dollars per interconnect and or speaker cable. As insane as that might seem to the uninitiated - find me a pair of Wilson's MAXX or Alexandria speakers without a set of Transparent's cables attached.
Transparent quietly has a nice OEM business meaning more specifically that they provide cable for internal use by the absolute best AV companies in the world - bar none. Transparent also has in-wall speaker cable systems that use their noteworthy network system as well as ultra-quiet AC power products and video cables built to the highest of standards.
Transparent Audio was built by Karen Sumner and her engineer husband Jack upon leaving the legendary MIT Cables to start out on their own. Transparent Audio today is sold in the absolute best specialty retailers and installers as well as in nearly every country in the world.

Notable Transparent Audio products include:
Transparent Audio PowerWave power conditioners Transparent Audio Musiclink interconnects Transparent Audio Reference cables's Transparent Audio product reviews include:
Transparent Audio PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner Transparent Audio PowerWave 8 Power Conditioner Transparent Audio PowerBank 2 Power Conditioner

Similar to Transparent Audio are companies that include MIT and Ultralink.
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