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After years of intensive work on perfecting the time domain quandary in loudspeakers, engineer David Wilson received a patent for his efforts, and put all of his knowledge into his first production loudspeaker: the $30,000 Wilson WAMM. Wilson Audio was born, and from there one of the industry’s most celebrated and respected loudspeaker companies.
Wilson has since built a hardly rivaled reputation for ultimate quality and craftsmanship, from its legendarily inert cabinets (made from super high-tech ceramics) to its custom, precision drivers, to its lustrous, exotic finishing techniques that rival those offered by the finest automobile manufacturers in the world. Wilson pioneered, and resurrected, the ultra high-end loudspeaker category by adding the Puppy subwoofer to its revered WATT monitor, creating arguably the most popular high-end loudspeaker of all time: the WATT/Puppy, which still sells all over the world to this day.
Today, Wilson remains as vibrant as ever, offering the best of the best technologies the loudspeaker world has to offer, in more packages than ever including those suited for home theater applications.

Notable Wilson Audio products include:
Wilson Audio Alexandria 2 Speakers Wilson Audio Thor’s Hammer Subwoofer Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy Loudspeaker Wilson Audio WAMM (discontinued) Wilson Audio WATCH Center Speaker Wilson Audio GrandSLAMM (discontinued)
HomeTheaterReview.com’s Wilson Audio product reviews include:
Wilson Audio Alexandria 2 Speakers Wilson Audio Thor’s Hammer Subwoofer
Compare Wilson Audio with the best loudspeakers in the world ranging from Revel to B&W to MartinLogan to Aerial Acoustics to YG Acoustics to Hansen Audio to Magico. The latest speaker that has taken on Wilson is the in-wall and on-wall speaker company, Wisdom Audio.
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