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Founded in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer, today Yamaha holds the distinction as the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, producing virtually every kind of musical solution across almost every musical category, at state-of-the-art quality and reliability levels. But Yamaha's story and reach only begin there.
Yamaha has established an enormously respected presence in a wide variety of industries, including professional and consumer electronics, motorcycles, semiconductors, computer peripherals, and telephony. Yamaha seems to retain a given level of prestige and market presence regardless of where it trades, and its products typically hold up their end of the bargain, receiving consistent critical acclaim.

Some of Yamaha's most noted consumer electronics products include DSP-based receivers with robust amplification sections and custom code and groundbreaking soundfield enhancements, compact subwoofers, and audio peripherals for computers. Yamaha remains an exceptional force to this day in the category, recently delving into Blu-Ray players and video projectors.
Yamaha competes in the home theater space with brands like Denon, Onkyo, Integra, Sherwood, Sony, Pioneer and many others.
Some of Yamaha's top products have been reviewed by Home Theater Review:Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray PlayerYamaha HTR-6250 Home Theater Receiver
Visit Yamaha's website: www.yamaha.com/yec.

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