Published On: August 22, 2023

Bryston Introduces the BP-19 Preamplifier

Published On: August 22, 2023
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Bryston Introduces the BP-19 Preamplifier

Bryston launches BP-19 Analog preamplifier aiming to elevate musical fidelity with precision and design.

Bryston Introduces the BP-19 Preamplifier

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Bryston, a reputable manufacturer of high-performance audio electronics and loudspeakers, has unveiled its latest creation – the BP-19 analog preamplifier. This new addition to Bryston's lineup emerges from years of research and design evolution, drawing inspiration from the multi-award-winning BR-20 preamplifier. As a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, the BP-19 is meticulously handcrafted in Canada and arrives with Bryston's renowned 20-year warranty.

At the heart of the BP-19 lies an oversized toroidal power transformer and a selection of premium components meticulously hand-picked for their quality. The preamplifier boasts a fully balanced signal path design from input to output, employing a tightly matched array of components and a compact circuit architecture to achieve remarkable noise reduction and exceptional common mode rejection.

One of the main features of the BP-19 is its optimized discrete operational amplifier, which delivers an astonishingly low Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) measurement of 0.0006% or less, according to Bryston. This engineering prowess is aimed at audiophiles who seek the most accurate and faithful music reproduction possible. With these innovations, the BP-19 aspires to bring forth lifelike performances, enriched detail, and an elevated sense of dimensionality and dynamics in musical recordings.

The BP-19 comes equipped with an array of input and output options to accommodate various audio setups. Users can utilize two pairs of balanced XLR input jacks and four pairs of RCA input connectors. The output stage includes two pairs of RCA (phono) outputs (one fixed, one variable) and two pairs of balanced XLR outputs (one fixed, one variable).

Bryston launches BP-19 Analog preamplifier aiming to elevate musical fidelity with precision and design. B-19 Preamplifier Inputs

An intriguing feature is the inclusion of Bryston's renowned BP-2 moving magnet (MM) phono stage circuit, available as an onboard option for the BP-19 preamplifier. This addition caters to vinyl enthusiasts and should offer extremely low noise, minimal distortion, and ample headroom to prevent overload from a range of phono sources. Bryston further accommodates low-output Moving Coil (MC) cartridge designs through custom-made outboard step-up transformers.

Control and integration capabilities are also paramount in the BP-19's design. The preamplifier can be easily controlled via an included infrared remote, with dedicated buttons corresponding to each of the six analog inputs on both the remote and the front panel. 

For seamless integration into smart home ecosystems, remote control via RS232 or IP is facilitated through the rear panel's RS232 and Ethernet ports. Furthermore, the BP-19 can be remotely powered on/off and placed in standby mode, with trigger outputs to control other connected equipment.

Customizability is also a hallmark of the BP-19. The preamplifier is available in five standard faceplate finishes, catering to various aesthetic preferences. Professional applications are addressed with 19-inch rack mount options, while personalized custom faceplate colors are offered to harmonize with any entertainment space or decor.

The Bryston BP-19 preamplifier is scheduled to hit the market in the third quarter of 2023, at the price of $5,195.

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