Published On: June 29, 2018

Cambridge Audio Introduces Yoyo(L) Home Audio Hub

Published On: June 29, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Cambridge Audio Introduces Yoyo(L) Home Audio Hub

Is it a wireless speaker? A soundbar substitute? Something new altogether? Yes.

Cambridge Audio Introduces Yoyo(L) Home Audio Hub

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You probably read the headline above and asked, "Wait, what's a home audio hub?" It's a valid question. In the case of Cambridge Audio's newest lineup to the Yoyo line of wireless products, the Yoyo(L) is sort of a cross between a bluetooth speaker and a soundbar. And we know it doesn't really look like the latter, what with its boxier shape, but the Yoyo(L) packs in HDMI (with ARC), an optical digital input, along with 3.5mm stereo analog input, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It also features a remote learning feature and DSP processing to deliver wider, deeper, clearer audio than its six internal drivers would be able to deliver on their own.

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World renowned British audio specialists Cambridge Audio complete their stylish Yoyo range with the addition of the Yoyo (L) home audio hub. Yoyo (L) is a Chromecast built-in system that combines the simplicity and convenience of a wireless speaker with the scale and performance of a dedicated home theater solution. Yoyo (L) is out now, priced $399.

    • Precise imaging and room filling, immersive sound powered by front and side mounted full range drivers & subwoofers
    • Home Hub - wide range of inputs for maximum compatibility
    • Chromecast built-in - hi-res wireless connectivity
    • Great British Sound - First class audio engineering from Cambridge Audio
    • Unique form factor combines convenience with high performance
    • Best of British materials in partnership with British weavers Marton Mills

Innovation extends to Yoyo (L)'s unique specification, featuring a full range driver and subwoofer in each of the front, left and right sides of the product. Each driver also has its own high-performance, low distortion amplifier, all within a compact, stylish enclosure. The front mounted drivers allow for superior presence and staging while the side-mounted drivers give wider dispersion and a huge, room filling, truly immersive sound. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in Yoyo (L) uses MaxxAudio, a suite of advanced audio enhancement tools from Waves. MaxxAudio offers unparalleled sound performance, with clearer highs, enhanced bass and increased volume. The result is a speaker that can faithfully reproduce a music performance or a movie soundtrack, throughout the entire room, neither adding nor taking anything away from the original recording, so that even the subtlest nuances can be clearly heard and enjoyed.

The Connected Audio-Hub
Yoyo (L) is exceptionally well connected, offering easy compatibility with the widest range of devices. In addition to TOSLINK optical and aux connections, Yoyo (L) offers Bluetooth and Spotify Connect and, for maximum flexibility, HDMI ARC connection to your TV. Yoyo (L) also features Chromecast built-in to connect seamlessly to your smart android or iOS device and allowing you to listen to and control your favorite music without the hassle of pairing. Simply tap the cast button and music from your favorite apps is instantly available via the Yoyo (L), no login or download is required. While casting, you can also continue to use your phone for other things as your favorite music plays on in the background. Or, play games, send texts, even pick up a call without the music ever skipping a beat. In addition, the Yoyo (L) will learn your TV remote's volume commands for seamless integration.

Designed for Your Home
The Best of British theme also extends to Yoyo (L)'s design which features the Yoyo range's use of bespoke, 'sound-transparent' British fabrics. The materials have been specially created as part of an exclusive partnership with world renowned British weavers Marton Mills and gives all of the Yoyo range a sophisticated, high quality and stylish look and feel. Marton Mills' manufacturing process also included the application of a NanoSphere treatment, to ensure the cloth is both water and dirt repellent. Available in Dark Grey or Light Grey, Yoyo (L) has been designed for simple installation on a TV stand, shelf or sideboard, ready for all day use by the whole family.

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