Published On: February 25, 2009

Canton Adds Three New Speakers To Flagship Line

Published On: February 25, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Canton Adds Three New Speakers To Flagship Line

Three new high-performance loudspeakers are now available as part of Canton's flagship Reference line. The new models are the Reference 5.2, the Reference 7.2 and the Reference 9.2 and all three are designed to be smaller and less expensive.

Canton Adds Three New Speakers To Flagship Line

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Canton, Germany's largest and best-selling loudspeaker manufacturer, has added three new high-performance loudspeakers to its flagship Reference line. The new models, which were announced here today by Canton's US distributor, offer smaller and less expensive alternatives to the recently introduced Reference 3.2 DC, while sharing the same new ceramic dome tweeter and 'triple-curve' cone woofer/midrange design introduced with that model. The new models consist of the Reference 5.2 and Reference 7.2, which are three-way floor standing loudspeakers, and the Reference 9.2, which is a two-way monitor speaker designed for pedestal mounting.
The most significant engineering advancement in these loudspeakers is Canton's new aluminum oxide ceramic dome tweeter, which replaces the company's acclaimed aluminum-manganese dome. The use of aluminum oxide, which is second only to diamond in terms of hardness, allows for a smaller dome radius and significant improvements in power handling and distortion characteristics. Combined with a subtly flared transmission style faceplate, the dome's tighter curvature gives the tweeter improved off-axis response linearity, and shifts the first-order breakup modes for the driver up to the 30 kHz range, well above the audible spectrum. These advances result in a substantial reduction in distortion and improved linearity, even at high frequencies and extreme sound pressure levels.
The woofers used in the bass and midrange drivers of the Reference speakers employ Canton's newly developed TCC triple curved cone technology. This complex cone profile more closely maps to the variations in function of the cone across its face than conventional single-radius, or progressive curvature cones. The interior of the cone, for instance, has a very tight radius in place of a traditional flat-profile normally used to connect the driver motor to the diaphragm. This increases stiffness at this crucial area while simultaneously improving linearity of the energy transfer to the sound radiation portion of the diaphragm, and shifts driver break-up mode to frequencies well out of the operating range. Different radii are employed in the primary sound radiation portion of the cone and the exterior rim where the diaphragm and spider meet, each optimized for the primary functional needs of each section of the cone.
Each Reference series speaker uses a very high quality crossover network with electrical performance that is fully integrated with all the drivers and enclosure characteristics. The speaker also uses Canton's signature "DC" displacement control circuitry to limit uncontrolled driver excursions at infrasonic frequencies.
The Canton Reference 5.2 DC and Reference 7.2 DC are each floor-standing three-way bass reflex systems with outstanding deep bass response and exceptionally smooth high frequency response that is linear to frequencies several octaves higher than the limits of the human ear. The enclosures are two-chamber monocoque structures with curved side panels pressure-laminated from five layers of varying-density fiber-board. This sophisticated design, similar to that employed in high-end musical instrument construction, combines exceptional stiffness with highly inert acoustic characteristics. The Reference 5.2 DC features two 7.5-inch (200 mm) woofers in addition to the 7-inch midrange and 1-inch ceramic dome tweeter used throughout the line, while the Reference 7.2 DC uses dual 7-inch woofers with the same midrange/high frequency driver complement.

The Reference 9.2 DC compact monitor is the smallest speaker in the series, with a two-way bass reflex design employing a single 7-inch woofer and the line's 1-inch ceramic dome tweeter. It is recommended for use with the company's optional LS 850 dual-post loudspeaker stand.

All of the models in the Reference line are available high-gloss polished cherry veneer, or in hand-rubbed multilayer piano lacquer finishes of black, silver, or white. All model are currently available, at suggested retail prices of $10,000 per pair for the Reference 5.2 DC, $7,000 per pair for the Reference 7.2 DC, and $4,000 per pair for the Reference 9.2 DC.

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