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I've had some experience with cube speaker systems in the past that left me with a bad impression of what accurate music reproduction is all about. So before the first note played through the 10-MX II ensemble, I had reservations about what they were capable of. Once the Cantons were broken in a bit, I got down to the task at hand. Taking baby steps, I listened to some Ziggy Marley and Sting's Brand New Dayin both two-channel stereo and enhanced stereo mode through all the speakers. I increased the volume until the built-in overload protection cut out and switched the speakers off momentarily. After several adjustments of the subwoofer crossover frequency and volume, I was able to achieve better performance without overloading the speakers. Vocals were well defined and separate from the musical instruments on Sting's songs, "A Thousand Years" and "Brand New Day." Midrange from "One Bright Day" and "Black My Story" tracks by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers was richly articulated and nicely layered. The highs and mids blended well and offered marvelous dynamics. Highs were crisp but a bit hollow when I listened to Grover Washington Jr. play saxophone solos. Nonetheless, I was bowled over by the brilliant large sound coming from the small cubes.

With the Canton AS-10 subwoofer primed and ready, I relentlessly pounded the system with bass music to see if it could keep up. Tracks from LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys that are notorious for deep bass dropped frequency response to low levels without being too boomy. Over time, I was able to properly adjust the gains to compensate for some undue reverb below 100Hz.

But the 10-MX II was designed chiefly for home cinema applications. Choosing titles with a wide spectrum of tonal qualities, I found an equal balance of dispersion across the entire auditory range. The center channel did a good job of reproducing dialogue and the surround speakers played sound effects from prop planes and explosions to laughter and footsteps quite well. The soundfield was moderately wide and movie soundtracks exhibited the same proportionate dynamics as two-channel music reproduction.

The Canton Movie 10-MX II System is an attractive looking ensemble. The speakers don't attract undue attention to themselves because of their demure size and striking design. The ergonomics of the subwoofer are properly thought out and paired well with the small but powerful surround speakers. I was surprised the 10-MX II did not have speaker wiring included in the package because at such a reasonable price, this system may be the first surround sound system for many buyers. But still, quality cabling is one of the first upgrades an audiophile will make, so the cables may be redundant.

My experience with the 10-MX II ensemble was quite satisfying. When you take into account that the system sells for only nine large, the value to performance ratio makes this Canton Movie System especially attractive.

Canton Movie 10-MX II Home Cinema System
Satellite Nominal/Music
Power Output: 40/70 watts
Subwoofer Nominal/MusicPower
Output: 50/110 watts
Nominal Impedance: 4 / 8 ohms
Satellite Frequency Response:100-25,000 Hz
Subwoofer Frequency Response: 33-140 Hz
Satellite Crossover Frequency: 5,000 Hz
Subwoofer Crossover Frequency:
80-140 Hz (adjustable)
Tweeter: .6-inch
Aluminum-Manganese Membrane
Woofers: 3-inch Polypropylene Membrane
8-inch Cellulose/Graphite (subwoofer)
Dimensions: 4.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x
3.9 inches deep (satellites);
14.2 inches tall x 9.4 inches wide x
17.7 inches deep (subwoofer)
Weight: 2.14 lbs. (satellites);
27.6 lbs. (subwoofer)
Warranty: 5-year (satellites & center channel);
2-year (subwoofer)
MSRP: $899

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