Canton is the largest manufacturer and best-selling brand of loudspeakers in Germany. It was founded in 1973 by a group of audio enthusiasts who defined their mission: "to always develop the finest loudspeakers in their class." Today, Canton continues to create products that offer stunning audio performance with striking aesthetics that will fit any installation and any budget. has reviews for the Canton Chrono SL 580 DC Loudspeaker, Canton Reference 3.2 DC Loudspeaker, Canton Ergo Speaker System, Canton AS50 Powered Subwoofer, and Canton Movie 10-MX II Home Cinema System.

Compare Canton against brands like Dynaudio and Aperion Audio.


Some notable Canton products:

Reference Series

With the introduction of the Reference loudspeaker series, Canton has taken its design and engineering to a new level of performance and appearance.  For the Reference loudspeakers, the Canton engineering team was given free rein in terms of time, budget, and resources to produce the best full-range loudspeakers the company has ever built.  While the lessons from the research and development program have been integrated into much of Canton's catalog, the ability to design a new flagship line from the ground up has given the company's engineers the freedom to develop loudspeakers that make absolutely no compromises in sound quality.

Vento Series
Canton's Vento Series of loudspeakers are aptly named after the Italian word for wind, reflecting both the appearance and performance of the series. The Vento line represents a dramatic departure from Canton's more traditional designs, uniting the company's uncompromising engineering with elegant designs that evoke comparison to the most elegant musical instruments. The speakers' effortless dynamic range and accurate sound quality, combined with the timeless craftsmanship, are evidence of the Vento series as a statement piece of Canton design aesthetics.

GLE Series

Canton's newly redesigned GLE Series of high-performance loudspeakers are engineered to deliver full-range and transparent audio reproduction for both music and home theatre surround sound programming at moderate price points. As with all Canton loudspeakers, the GLE Series is designed as a modular line that can be easily configured and expanded to accommodate any audio or home cinema set-up.

CD Series
Canton's CD Series is designed to fulfill the need for loudspeakers that visually complement today's widescreen and flat panel video displays, yet still provide uncompromising sound quality. With their elegant design and finish options that complement today's technology, these speakers create a dramatic presence while delivering sound quality that will please even the most demanding of audiophiles.



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