Published On: February 24, 2011

Carver is Back With the Microblok Amplifier

Published On: February 24, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Carver is Back With the Microblok Amplifier

Much like the Pico projector movement - Carver (not related to Bob Carver or Sunfire) is out with a tiny "microblock" power amp that has many applications in the computer, desktop and or flat HDTV world.

Carver is Back With the Microblok Amplifier

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Fresh from a preview appearance during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, New Carver Corporation announced the retail availability of the first amplifier to bear the legendary brand name in a decade: the Microblok 1.5, with an MSRP of $149.00 USD.

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Described as "a personal integrated amplifier," the new Carver model is designed for listening styles and tastes evolved from 1980 when the first Carver amplifier hit the market. The new amplifier takes its predecessors philosophy of size and price and updates it. It generates superb sound quality from an even smaller form-factor, and does it for a price that is 1/7th the amount of Carver's first amplifier, when adjusted for inflation.

The Carver Microblok's small footprint takes up as much space on a desk as a typical calculator or phone. In fact, the desktop is a primary listening application behind the amplifier's design. Today, most listeners spend more time with their PC's than all their other electronics combined, using them for music, video and internet radio. Usually those PC's play audio through plastic multimedia speakers. Microblok lets anyone listen to their PC through a pair of good bookshelf or mini-monitor speakers, and transform desktop listening into a high-end audio experience. The unit's separate volume, bass, treble and balance controls enable the user to adjust the sound for any source, speaker, or environment.

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The Microblok can also be used with iPods and MP3 players in a similar way, providing reportedly superior sound over a typical "sound-dock" listening arrangement. The small form-factor makes it the ideal solution for single-zone audio such as a master bedroom, where a Microblok can enhance the sound from an on-wall TV with a pair of in-wall or ceiling speakers. And its separate 15VDC power supply means it can be used with an automobile or boat electrical system for listening on-the-go in mobile applications. 

The Microblok is rated at 15 WPC x 2 RMS, and features a dual-stereo bridged design. The shape is an expression of form following function: the amplifier's enclosure is an engineered heat-sink to keep it running cool. 

The Microblok is built in a dedicated factory right outside of Vancouver, B.C. It is available through a select group of on-line and showroom dealers and distributors, and is the first in a series of innovative audio products coming from New Carver Corporation. 

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