Cary Audio Debuts AiOS Music System

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Cary-Audio-AiOS.jpgCary Audio has introduced a new all-in-one music system called the AiOS, which combines a digital music player/streamer with a 150-watt Class AB amplifier. Just add speakers, and your two-channel audio system is complete. The AiOS can accept network music sources over Wi-Fi/Ethernet (via UPnP, DLNA, and SMB), it has Bluetooth with aptX support, and it allows for direct input via SD card, USB, and analog/digital connections. The AiOS also has integrated streaming services like Spotify and TIDAL, and you can send music to Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers. The AiOS is now available for preorder for $2,995.

From Cary Audio
Cary Audio would like to introduce the first product of the new Lifestyle Series, the AiOS (All-in-One-System).

The AiOS is a new kind of music system for a new generation. What does that mean? Simply put, music lovers and audiophiles alike have many more choices today when it comes to how they listen to music. As a music system with 150 watts of Class AB power, the AiOS combines sources and inputs designed around this new age. Connect the AiOS to your home network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and stream all of your digital music stored on your networked computer(s) or NAS drive(s) with simple plug-and-play UPnP, DLNA, and SMB connectivity. Also, available through your home network connection are integrated internet music streaming services: Spotify, TIDAL, and others being added.

For those that may find a home network connection too intimidating, the AiOS allows you to insert an SD Card into the front SD Slot. You can also use a USB flash drive or USB hard drive loaded with digital music files directly to the AiOS' three USB-A inputs, all without a computer or network connection for direct playback! How about Bluetooth? Today, Bluetooth is ubiquitous, and the AiOS can certainly connect to your smartphone or tablet using the latest Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth technology. However, the AiOS has an extra trick up its sleeve. The AiOS can SEND any of its selected sources to Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers for a completely wireless music system. Place the AiOS anywhere to add beauty and elegance to any room or décor and don't fuss over unsightly wires when paired to a set of Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Speaking of beauty and elegance, the AiOS is visually transformative. With the touch of a button, the AiOS can change its backlit keys/buttons and center LCD display (together or individually) to six different preset colors including one custom color preset, or adjust any color as you see fit within the entire color spectrum. As if the all-aluminum Gunmetal Gray chassis and side panels (standard) weren't handsome enough, the AiOS offers five additional side panel color options to ensure the AiOS can create the perfect blend of sight and sound to match both your lifestyle and décor choices within any setting.

Finally, the AiOS includes multiple analog and digital inputs and outputs, including subwoofer output, preamplifier output, and more! Whether using the AiOS as a secondary music system or as the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, the AiOS is right at home within a metropolitan condominium setting, office, bedroom, game room, dormitory, or any room or setting for the design conscience music lover.

The AiOS comes with standard Gunmetal Gray side panels. Spring Green, Deep Plum, Cary Blue, Candy Red, and Champagne Gold side panels are sold separately.

Weight: 15 lbs.
Dimensions: 3.0" H x 14.2" W x 11.0" D
Retail Price: $2,995

The AiOS is now available for preorder.

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