Published On: April 28, 2011

Cary Audio Design Begins Shipping Cinema 12 processor

Published On: April 28, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Cary Audio Design Begins Shipping Cinema 12 processor

The Cinema 12 has begun shipping and it will provide increased performance and flexibility while still maintaining the features of its predecessors. Home Theater Review has the details on the latest offering from Cary Audio.

Cary Audio Design Begins Shipping Cinema 12 processor

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Cary_Audio_cinema_12_AV_preamp.gifFollowing the success of its Cinema 11a processor, Cary Audio Design presents the next step.

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The Cinema 12 is a preamplifier processor, sharing many of the same features as its predecessor while increasing performance and flexibility. The Cinema 12 increases its video connections to include four HDMI v1.4a inputs, supporting most 3D formats, 48-bit Deep Color, audio return channel, Ethernet channel, and CEC power on/off features. It also maintains an array of audio connections, as well as RS-232 and IR command codes and a 12VDC trigger to control on/off switching of a power amp or other component.

The Cinema 12 offers the latest Burr Brown 32 bit/192 kHz surround DAC chipsets. All circuitry in the processor is reportedly fully differential-balanced to take advantage of the improved noise reduction and increased processing power. All of the latest HD surround formats are supported, to go along with the newest HDMI switching. The Cinema 12 also includes a programmable universal remote control with macro capabilities. The Cinema 12 is available with either a black or silver brushed aluminum faceplate.

The new Cary Audio Design Cinema 12 began shipping this month, April, 2011.

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