Published On: January 18, 2011

CasaTunes Releases First Android App for Muli-room Audio Control

Published On: January 18, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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CasaTunes Releases First Android App for Muli-room Audio Control

Android devices have caught on even better than the science-fiction writer who coined the term could ever have imagined. Case in point: CasaTunes has brought out the first Android application intended to make it easier to control multi-room audio.

CasaTunes Releases First Android App for Muli-room Audio Control

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CasaTunes recently announced the multi-room audio industry's first Android app for easily controlling the music playing throughout the house.

"With the fast growth of Android devices, we felt that it was important to create a powerful, convenient and easy to use Android application to control our CasaTunes multi-room audio systems," said Kim Knapp, co-founder of CasaTunes. "With the Android app, homeowners who own one of the new Android based phones or tablets can select and play music in any room of the home where they have CasaTunes music, from anywhere in the home that is covered by their wireless network. Plus, they can create schedules for waking up to music, display and change the currently playing music and create CasaTunes Playlists."

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The Android app works with Android versions 2.1 or later, including the newly announced "Gingerbread" (version 2.3). The app is a free upgrade for owners of CasaTunes and will work with the trial version of CasaTunes for those that want to try it out before buying CasaTunes. You can find the Android app for CasaTunes is available in the Android Market by searching for CasaTunes.

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